Why Cicadias make so much noise

A fable of the first cicadia

A long time ago cicada's didn't make any noise, now they do. Why you ask, it all started when the first cicada came to be. His name was George. At first he used his power of silence in a good way, catching villains, hiding from bad bugs, and other heroic things. He seems like a good guy right? Agreed, but he always had one problem, he was broke.

One night of a cold January season. George was hungry and there was a fly stand ten feet in front of him. He could just sneak two flies, no, no he can't, but just one wouldn't hurt. So he creeps in and takes one without the vendor knowing. This is when his life of crime starts. He takes everything from food, to money, and even toy. Then one day he sees a tasty fish taco, he wanted it so bad. Little did he know the guy with the fish taco is a mighty wizard. When George tried to take it he was caught. The wizard is angry and casts a spell on George. He said " You abuse being silent, you will be the loudest bug in town. And from that day on George could never steal anything again because he could be herd from a mile away. This is why cicadas make so much noise.