Zombie survival Guide : imani tibbs

If you want to survive the Apocalypse then follow my guide

Great Plains

- Flat lands

-Known for dry grass

-Common area for Tornado

The most best places to go

If you don't follow my steps you will die........

The Great Plains

The Great plain is a good place to go for a zombie apocalypse. The reason that the Great plains is a good place to go to for a zombie apocalypse is because of it's flat and dry lands. The rating from one to ten i would say that it would most likely be a 8 you most likely will survive.My explination is that you most likely will because of the flat and dry lands.Also it is because of the tornadoes .

The Rocky Mountians

The Rocky mountains is a really good place to because of the pointy and rugged mountains. Also if you went to the Rocky mountains you would be able to see where the zombies are going and where they are around you in the area around you. For the rating i would say about a 8 in a half because they could come out no where. So you have to have people like back to back and watching each side like a rock. My explination is that is would be a really good place and it is mostly because they are taller than the Appalachian mountains.

Basin and Range

The Basin and Range is a really good place to go to in a zombie invasion happened in to world. The reason is because of the isolated mountain ranges of different heights. Also because of the death valley. The rating from 1 to 10 i would say a 9. My explination is the reason that the Basin and Range is the best place for you to go to during the zombie invasion is because of the death valley's and cause they have canyons. Also because the death valley is the lowest point in North America.