Henry Hudson

An English Explorer (1607-1611)


Henry Hudson was born in England, 1565. When he became an explorer he started to look for a water route to Asia. He made four trips to the North America area. The first two trips were founded by England and they only made to as far as Greenland before having to turn back. The third trip in 1610, he sailed for the Dutch and made it to Chesapeake Bay and explored the area around Nova Scotia. The English captured him after his third voyage and forbade him from working with the Dutch again. Hudson then made one final trip to North America for the English and was caught in bad weather in Hudson Bay. When they were able to travel again the crew mutinied and left Hudson, his son, and a few other crew members in a small boat in Hudson Bay. Henry Hudson's trips were never successful in finding a water route to Asia but he did discover parts of North America and had many bodies of water named after him. He also was married and had three sons. Henry Hudson was a very dedicated and driven sailor who was known for the fact he didn't give up. He also studied subjects like math and astronomy. He died June 22, 1611 at the age of 46.
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Henry Hudson's death

Wednesday, June 22nd 1611 at 7am

Hudson Bay, SK, Canada

Hudson Bay, SK

Hudson's crew mutinied and set him, his son, and a few other crew members adrift in Hudson Bay where they are thought to have died from exposure.