The pedriodic on the element Seaborgium

The seaborgium symbol is sg and it's atomic number is 106.Experiments with Seaborguim was firmly grouped in 6 and that is has a heavier homologue to tungsten.Seaborgium atomic number is 106 and it's atomic mass is 271.It has 106 electrons and protons.Saeborgium belongs to the family of Transactinides.Seaborgium has 157 electrons.

The discovery of the element Seaborgium

Seaborgium was discovered at the Joint Institute for Nuclear research in Dubna,USSR.The discovery of 106 was in June 1974.The 263 Sg was bombarding a target of 249 CF with 18 O ions.Also the 249 Cf plus 18 O 263 SG.Seaborgium was named after the scientist Glen Seborg.Seaborgim was first produced by a group of scientists they were lead by Albert Ghiorso in the laboratory of Lawerence Berkely.

Where seaborgium is located

Seagium is in group 6 and it's melting point,7 boiling point is unknown.It's atomic atomic mass is 106 and it's relative atomic mass 269.Seaborguim is number 266 and is right between the element dubnium which is number 262 and the other element is Bohrium it's atomic number is 264.

Other interesting facts about Seabogium

The Berkely group under supervision of Ghiorso,used a Super-Heavy Ion Accelerator Super as a source heavy oxygen-180 ions to bombard a 259 microgram target of californium-249.
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