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Be a Part of Our Breakfast Bunch!

Pleasant Street School offers universal free breakfast from 8:00-8:25 am each school day. Research shows that children are better able to focus and to meet the demands of their school days when they have had a complete breakfast in the morning.

Health Office News for October

We are advising families to be on the look out for the caterpillars pictured here. Although they are not poisonous some people have had adverse skin reactions while others are not affected. Attached please find updates from Nurse Liddy from our school health office for the month of October.

Promoting Hand Washing

Colorful visuals will be posted next week around school in an effort to offer friendly reminders to children on the importance of hand washing. This is a great message to promote at home too!

Learning to Read Strategically

Students are learning to apply strategy when reading across all grade levels through our Readers' Workshop balanced literacy approach. We are teaching what to do when you are stuck on a word, how to look at the first letter and read through the word, and how to use pictures and context when reading. We are also teaching children to stop when it doesn't make sense and to go back and reread. This is an essential skill to fully derive meaning when reading. In kindergarten we are learning about story structure, in that, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. We are deepening the thinking and teaching about characters, setting, and theme. What is the big idea, message, or lesson learned in a story? What do we notice about illustrations and the use of color or text features? For example, what might an author be trying to tell us when she or he uses all capital letters, bold faced print, or shifts to very small print? We are learning to retell and to predict what might happen next. We are also learning to find evidence within text and to share our thinking on what an author's intent may be. We are preparing children to not only be effective readers but to be able to think and to analyze information at a higher level.


First row: snapshots from Mrs. Webb's kindergarten class during a model lesson with presenter Tammy Mulligan and a sample strategy anchor chart.

Middle row: Students in Mrs. Heuer's third grade class partner reading in groups with Mrs. Mulligan and practicing the strategy of stopping when something doesn't make sense.

Bottom row: More snapshots from Mrs. Heuer's class with students practicing in their writer's notebooks and recording their thinking of big ideas when reading.

Fire Safety at Pleasant Street!

The Athol Fire Department paid a visit to our school this week in honor of National Fire Safety Week (Oct. 5-11, 2014). For helpful tips on fire prevention please follow the link that follows:

Pictured are kindergarten students from Mrs. Sheila Webb's class with Firefighters Jamal Hamilton and Kevin Kaczmarczyk of the Athol Fire Department along with Physical Education teacher, Benjamin Hause.

Community Offerings

Snapshot of Some of Our Elementary Teachers Working Together at our October 10 Professional Development Day

Upcoming Events...Mark your Calendars!

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • Oct. 10- District professional development day, no school
  • Oct. 13- Columbus holiday observed, no school
  • Oct. 24- Family movie night- PTO sponsored event- see separate notice
  • Oct. 29- district half day, noon dismissal, lunch is served- Please note corrected date!

News from Principal Ellis

Building a community of learners that strive for excellence

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