What Children Need

By Kadra Kayser

The Four Needs of Children

Physical needs - food, clothing, and shelter

Intellectual needs - the opportunity to learn about the world and become educated.

Emotional needs - making sure they feel safe, loved, and cared for

Social needs - allowing the children to make friends and work with other people

You need to let your child try new things such as painting on their own even though they might make a mess. Parents also need to show their children that they love and care about them by doing simple things like spending their free time with their children.

Giving your child effective directions

-Get the child's attention

-Say things positively

-Use clear and simple words

-One direction at a time

-Give them praise

if you are having your child clean something make sure that you give them specific step-by-step directions.

Unintentional Behavior

-A child may do something that they do not know is wrong or it may have been an accident.

Ex. When a child hears a bad word and repeats the word not knowing that it is a bad word.

Poor Disciplinary Measures

Bribing - if you bribe them for good behavior they will always expect something when they do something that is good.

Making children promise to behave - if they promise to behave than when they do something that is bad they will feel like they have to lie about it.

Shaming or Belittling - saying harsh things to children may make them feel worthless and like they don't do anything right.

Exaggerating consequences - if the parent exaggerated the consequence and does not follow through, the child will wonder if anything will actually happen if they get in trouble.