How to t-bog


-bmx bike
-quarterpipe with large deck
-shinpads (optinal)
-helmet (optinal)


1. Find a quaterpipe that you are confortable with i would say about 5 or six feet in hieght would be perfect.
2. Take whatever hand off the handlebar you are more confortable in the air.
3. Once your hand is getting well off the handlebar then move your hand towards your seat to preform a seat grab.
4. Once the hand is on the side of the seat and you are confortable with doing a seat grab almost everytime, now start for the rotation of the handlebar
5. With your opposite hand turn the handlebar at a 90 degree angle with your hand coming towards you.
6. After the motion of the t-bog is finished now it's time to dip it.
7. Push the handlebar away from you creating a downward motion of the bike, at the same time pull the seat into you makeing the bike even more diped.
8. Once the trick is exicuted take to diffrent obsticals like a hip, flat, street gap, bank, air out or a box jump now enjoy :)
How to t-bog
How to t-bog

Little video of clips we found :)