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April 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

Happy Friday!

Congratulations on the completion of night conferences and of a long day of parent meetings. Spring conferences are a huge milestone in the school year and a tough, but rewarding experience. I have said it before, but I really wish that you could switch places with me and walk the halls to see the smiles and happiness on the faces of parents as they leave the building during conferences. The warmth, preparation and dedication of our entire staff shines through in the classrooms and throughout the school. It really is a special place.

As we move through the milestones and events that take us to June, begin to take stock of the year so far. How successful have you been at meeting the goals that you set for yourself in September? What do you still have to do to meet or even exceed those goals?

More importantly, ask yourself if you are having fun and enjoying what you do? If yes, what can you do to spread that joy and uplift the people around you? If no, why not? How can you step up to remove any obstacles that hold you back? Over which items do you have control? and What can you adjust in your reaction to make you happier and more excited to do what you do?

We are truly entering the home stretch and it is so important to stay focused on what you love about what you do, Take the last two months to try something you have always wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to yet or to simply try a lesson or read aloud outside for a change of pace.

I wise man once said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around every once in a while, you could miss it."

Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!



Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Week of 4/27:...Group 4 AM Car Line (Rigby, Rosser, Simon)

Monday, April 27 – Data Meeting...Library

Wednesday, April 29 – Autism Wednesday (Wear jeans for $2)

Grade Two all school concert 10:00 am

Faculty Council Meeting POSTPONED - date TBA

Grade Three Parent Orientation at LIS, 6:30 pm

Thursday, April 30 – Grade Two parent concert 9:30 am

AM collaboration Mtgs. - 2nd grade

Friday, May 1 - AM collaboration Mtgs. - 3rd grade

Week of 5/4:...Group 1 AM Car Line (Pacuta, Van Metre, Duncan, Vinch)

Screen Free Week

PARCC Mon., Tues., Wed.

Monday, May 4 – Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, May 5 – National Teacher Appreciation Day

Operation Dreamlift

Teacher Appreciation sponsored by third grade parents

Wednesday, May 6 – Aspiring Author’s Night

School Nurse’s Appreciation Day

Thursday, May 7 - AM Collaboration Mtgs. - K

Friday, May 8 – PTO Dance Party

AM Collaboration Mtgs. - 1st grade

Staff gathering On the Border, Route 1, Market Fair

Looking Ahead to Week of 5/11

Monday, May 11 – STEM Meeting (LES & BF @ LES) [swapped w/ Humanities]

PTO Meeting

Wednesday, May 13 – Board of Ed. meeting

Thursday, May 14 – LTPS Staff Dinner at Mercer Oaks

AM Collaboration Mtgs. - 2nd grade

Friday, May 15 – Spirit Day Assembly/Spirit Day – Aloha

AM Collaboration Mtgs. - 3rd grade

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In honor of our marathon conference day:
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My favorite game is "SMART" (and it ties directly to coins), what's yours?

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