How do Sports Bring People Together

Foucus question:What Brings People Together

By: Jaden B, Jaiden T, and Larissa

Our conjectures

Jaden. I think that baseball brings people together because when your in little leage anybody from any culture can play.

Jaiden. I think that soccer brings people together because all ages can play.

Larissa. I think that gymnastics brings people together because you need to work together to accomplish your goal.


Every year some baseball teams come together and raise money for the boys and girls club for play ground equipment and other stuff. Spring training also a way to bring people together. Practicing and working together to achieve there goal. There goal is to get into the world series!!!


Every year when people are playing soccer when it is a game the players are making there own decision with out the coaches telling them what to do. During soccer time there are practice they learn new thing with help of there coach and teammates. Remember there team is still always cheering on for them.Now that world cup soccer has became one of popular sports ever.
Minions Playing Soccer (Short Clip)


Throught the exersises,the members of the team learn to trust each other.Team building also teaches the members of the team to work together and achieve a common goal.People will share memories for for thier time at the gymnastics center.