The Buzz 9/28/15

What you need to know to be in the know...

Our Mission:

Chandler Elementary will create a safe and positive environment where all students and adults work together using 21st century strategies to achieve high academic growth.

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Did you know...

As I have been riding my bike the last couple weeks I have noticed we are square in the middle of harvest season. This is easily the busiest time of year for farmers. When I taught in North Carolina I used to drive past a cotton field everyday on the way to work. Being a native hoosier, who was accustomed to corn and beans, and decided that I would be a forever NC resident (haha) I was intrigued at what I found out. Cotton picking is no joke! You have to be rugged and tough to make some money doing this. Workers at time endured cuts and scratches from the dried bristles, were bent over working all day which ruined their backs, they drug a cotton sack (sometimes as long as 20 feet), and in many cases back in the day they needed to pick a ton (literally) to make living wage. Day in and day out, many people started picking at first light, in extremely tough conditions. All that labor, and what were the rewards? Many families survived from the daily wages of picking, and the cotton was dyed, spun, and turned into fabrics that are necessary, that sometimes can define who people are, and in many cases are extremely valuable and expensive.

I began to think about how there are many parallels to what we do on a daily basis here to being a cotton picker. Many of us are here, day in and day out, at the crack of dawn. We carry around the weighty expectations from testing, mandates, students' behaviors, and take on students' personal baggage. While there are rarely physical scars, there are headaches, sore feet, and plain ol feeling run down and weary. Yet day after day, we work tirelessly because it is work worth doing. The wages we make are never be reflective of the impact you will have on even one student because the changed lives that are made from the work we do is priceless. Everyone benefits from the effort and love you put into your work, even when we feel as though our job is a thankless one. Together we work to shape kids into individuals, who ultimately become productive members of a global community, many of which will create better lives for their kids than they have now.

Thanks for all your work in classrooms of Chandler. Sometimes, when life is busy, it's the little things that make a difference, and a cotton celebration seems like one small thing we can do to make our jobs a little more comfortable. So all next week let's celebrate our hard work, maybe get a couple minutes more sleep, by wearing cotton (denim) jeans.

Snack Box in Lounge Payment

The Young Adult program sends their thanks for supporting the snack box in the lounge! They note that we purchase more than many other locations, and appreciate our help.

They also request that IOU's be paid by Tuesday each week, which is the day they restock our box and collect the moeny. They show that Chandler payments were about $10 short this week. If you have an outstanding IOU please make payment ASAP.

United Way

United Way will be here to do a short presentation on ______ to do a short presentation. The United Way fund drive here at Chandler runs through October 16. You will be receiving more information on how you can donate in your boxes. Remember United Way supports Chandler through reading programs, an after school program for 2nd grade, Minds in Motion, and more...

Test Security Agreement

Just reminder to review the material sent with last week's e-mail, then complete and return the Testing Security Agreement. This is required for all staff who have or could come into contact with testing materials.

Central Office Listening Day Date Change

On November 2, Central Office personnel will be spending time in the building talking with staff. Their goal is to get feedback on how things are going, and have an open forum. To help make this time more meaningful, I will soon be sending out a list of questions that they will be asking. Most sessions can occur during a normal prep period, and last 40 minutes. Support staff are encouraged to join a meeting time to provide feedback also.

PBIS Update

There have been many issues in the student restrooms over the past couple of weeks. These issues include clogged toilets, defecation in inappropriate places and generally messy floors. Please review the PBIS procedures. Also, make sure students know the proper use of the urinal and toilet.

PBIS MATRIX -- Restrooms

Be Respectful

- Voice level 0 to 1
- Flush the toilet
- Place or drop paper towels in the trashcans
- Turn off water after washing hands
- Return to classroom or line up with class

Be Responsible

- Give others personal space and privacy
- Pick up after yourself
- Keep hands and feet to self
- Use one pump of soap and 2 paper towels
- Use the restroom for its intended purpose

Be Safe

- Report problems to an adult
- Leave student materials outside of the restrooms

against the wall

Voice Levels

0 - No talking
1 - Whisper
2 - Partner voice
3 - Classroom speaker voice
4 - Outside voice

From Central Office...

Today’s Focus: Growth

“The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.”
– Isaac Asimov

GCS Learning Connection

Please remember to read the GCS Learning Connection, the monthly newsletter from the district office that is emailed to all gcsusers on the first Friday of the month from Vickie Grant. It is a communication tool that is used to help keep all GCS staff members up to date on things that are big picture, or that affect everyone in Goshen Schools.


Now that NWEA testing is winding down we have the opportunity to dig into the data. Many buildings have started looking at the reports and thinking about how to apply this new information. In order to help data understanding and student goal setting, Jeff Gangloff will be here on October 1st for secondary schools and October 2nd for elementary. These trainings will be using the same schedule as the August 13th meeting, which means it will start at 8:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM.

United Way Campaign

By now you have all received a couple of communications regarding the United Way Campaign. Michelle will be delivering your materials over the next couple of days. Following is some VERY important information for you to use in your planning and to share with staff.

The campaign has begun!

The final deadline for having the pledge forms returned to Lori Martin is Monday October 26th. That is the first day back after Fall Break…, in planning backwards, you will be Lori’s HERO if you can get them to her before Fall Break.

Please communicate the following with your staff (and we will also include this in the October Staff Newsletter) –

United Way pledges may be made in cash or check, credit card, or through payroll deduction. If payroll deduction is selected, employees may choose a ONE time deduction for the full amount, or ten (10) deductions. Deductions will start with the second pay date in November.


CPR is scheduled for November 10 and November 19. You only attend one class. It is at GHS from 4 to 5 pm and cost $20. If you are interested, email

TLT UPdate

TLT is working on creating our overall school goal. In years past this has been based on ISTEP+, mClass, and SRI data. This year our team has decided that NWEA is timely, frequent, and normed referenced, so we will be looking at building our school goal around this assessment.

This week we began the process by looking over math data using the ATLAS data protocol. We described and interpreted the data, then thought about its implication within the classroom. We identified overall areas to work on as being Algebraic Thinking in K-2, and Data Analysis and Statistics in grades 3-5. Next week we will look at reading.

Once our school goal is complete we will begin planning out student strategies that will help us move towards meeting that goal.


Ms. Deanna Fecher - Staurday, Sept 26

Calendar Items


Cluster & Learning Log Meetings 7:15-8:15

IPLI (Mr. Hufford Out)

PTO Mtg. 7:00 p.m. (cafe)


Picture Retakes AM (Gym Lobby)

Scrubby Bear Visits Kdg 8:30-10:30

TLT 3:15

Running Club 2:50-4:15

School Board Mtg. 6:00 (Admin Bldg)


Soccer 3:00-4:00

Orchestra 3:45-4:45 (GMS)


5th grade to Camp Amigo

Fire Presentation 1st (9:15) / 3rd (1:30)

Orchestra 2:55-4:00 (Music Room)


5th Grade at Camp Amigo

Success/Support Staff Meeting 8:35

NWEA Reports Training 8:00-3:00 (Admin Bldg)


Soccer Tournament 10:30 (HS)

Just in case you forgot...

Family Nights

This year we would like to continue each grade level hosting families one night during the year. These nights last year served many purposes: Building relationships with and within families, helping them understand different ways that they can support their child at home, and completing a fun activity! This week 4th and Kdg will kick off this year. As your grade level knows when they will host their night, please let Mrs. Romero, Mrs. Mast, Mrs Schwartz, Mr. Bauman and I know.


We may have the opportunity to get a few Mimio boards (interactive whiteboards) sometime in the near future. Sarah Miller currently has one in her room, and you are welcome to contact her about how she is using it within her classroom.

There will be a limited number (3-4). If you have interest in using one within your classroom please let me know ASAP. If there are more people wanting one than we have devices, you will be asked to articulate a case for you getting one.

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Growth Mindset

Huge Thank you to Leon Bauman for sending in these great reminders:

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Read, write or say something important at least 5 to 10 times to make it stick.

“My brain can grow.”

“My brain can grow.”

“My brain can grow.”

“My brain can grow.”

“My brain can grow.”

Most importantly, don’t give up. When something is hard, that’s when you need more effort, not less!

Here’s a chart to refer to when thinking about self-talk to improve your mindset:

(see attached poster)

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