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4th grade newsletter

Week of Dec 7th-11th


Daily Math Practice Set 14

This week we are working on addition and subtraction of bigger numbers

Multiplication Test on Friday! This will be our second 3 minute test over facts up to 6x9. Keep practicing facts! Math Study Log is Yellow and due 12/18!

In addition to fact practice, we are studying benchmark measurement and estimating measurement. Students have a study guide for this. They can make flashcards or have someone else quiz them. What ever works best for them to commit measurement to memory.

www.multiplication.com is a site we will use this year to help with practice! It can also be used nightly for multiplication log! It is so AWESOME to see scores go up as students are practicing! They should be very proud of themselves! Keep up the good work!

Links to notes:

Homework SAB U5 pg 3&4, Measurement Sheet Due Friday, December 11th

Social Studies

Students continue to learn about Spanish and French settlers in Texas. We will focus on the first missions in Texas. After this week, students will know the true meaning behind Saint Patrick's Day.

Language Arts & Spelling

Language Arts:
Students continue to learn about adjectives. This week, students are learning to use "more" and "most" for comparative and superlative adjectives.

Spelling: No Spelling


We continue to work on fluency and expression. This week our poem is Chocolate Cake. Don't forget to read to at least 5 adults and return on December 11.


In our writing journals, we are reflecting on various poems we read. We are having great discussions on the mood and theme of different poems. Don't forget to check Friday folders for our special holiday letter writing activity.

Upcoming Events:

Dec. 7th-11th PTO Christmas Store
Dec. 11th-Pajama Day
Dec. 18th Christmas Party @ 9:00 am
Dec. 17th & 18th Early Release @ 12:45