3K News!


10/10: Tatem 5K Run

10/13 and 10/14: Parent Visitation Days

10/20: Interim Report Cards available on Genesis

Parent Visitation Days

Tuesday 10/13 and Wednesday 10/14 will be our parent visitation days. The visitation days are from 9:00-11:00 on Tuesday and 1:00-2:30 on Wednesday. To help plan your visit, I have included a schedule of our days. Please feel free to join your child for specials. We will keep our routines and work the same as an ordinary day, so you can get a sense of a typical day in our classroom. Keep in mind, that during reading, students will spend a lot of their time reading so feel free to bring in a book, magazine, or newspaper. Modeling your love for reading is a great statement for the students.

Tuesday 10/13

9:00-9:30 Grammar

9:30-10:15 Reading

10:15-11:00 Math

Wednesday 10/14

1:00-2:00 Writing

2:00-2:15 End of the Day Routine/Pack Up

2:15-3:00 PE (APR)

Reading Strategy: Drawing Conclusions

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In reading this week, students learned how to draw conclusions from the text. Readers learned that when you draw a conclusion, you are figuring out something that the author doesn't come right out and tell you. In our Main Text Selection, The Trial of Cardigan Jones, written by Tim Egan. Students were able to use the details from the text to draw the conclusion of how the pie went missing. Students had the opportunity to make their own details and conclusions when they created a "What Am I?" poster. Each student developed their conclusion and helped create details for their classmates to figure out their object.

Global Read Aloud

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This week, 3K launched 2015's Global Read Aloud. The mission of the Global Read Aloud is to have students all over the world read the same book and to have an international guided reading group where we discuss comprehension questions about the text. So far, we have connected with classrooms in Colorado, Chicago, Ottowa Canada, Dresden Canada, and Kansas. While reading The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes, we've been able to talk with students in classrooms around North America to share our predictions and questions.

Math Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction

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3K Mathematicians began learning how to implement their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts to help them solve more complex problems. Students used their basic addition and subtraction facts to help solve fact extensions, students practiced solving "What's My Rule?" problems, and students began to learn strategies to solve word problems. Next week, we will continue to learn new strategies for solving word problems.

Writing Small Moments

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3K Writers are learning how to write small moment stories with a story telling voice that includes action, dialogue, and feeling. 3K is very fortunate to have Tatem's reading specialist, Ms. Wojtowicz, guide students through these important lessons and conference with students to make these small moment stories the best that they can be. In addition to planning and flash drafting our stories, students are working to revise their writing by adding paragraphs, proper punctuation, and proper capitalization.