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October 2015 Newsletter

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Fultonian of the month

NAME: StephJo Wise

TITLE: Director of Community Engagement

BIRTHDAY: March 21

HOBBIES: Spending time with Hugo, my almost-3-year old, cooking, gardening


FAVORITE FOOD: Various cheeses

HIDDEN TALENT: Plays the ukulele

[Catch Up]

[9-1] Fulton Theatre's after-school critical literacy program, Neighborhood Bridges, begins at Washington Elementary.

[10-8] StephJo Wise begins as Director of Community Engagement. We wish Jennifer Ridgway all the best with her future endeavors.

[10-8] Teen Lounge hosts over 60 area teens, led by The Addams Family Costume Designer, John White, and Stage Manager, Timothy Markus. The event includes a Q&A with actors after the show.

[10-10] Fulton staff work together to host a Sensory Friendly Pre-Performance Workshop.

[10-10] A special performance of The Addams Family serves patrons by offering American Sign Language (ASL), Open Captioning and Audio Description services.

[10-17] Spanish Interpreted performance of The Addams Family.

[10-20] Educator Night offers 70+ teachers a light supper, artful workshop and performance of The Addams Family.

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