The construction of the Media page

The media page is an important part of the website as it will show of the product of the boy band and also will include the bloopers a light-hearted construction of the members Logan, Kendall and Iyaz.
Big image


I added a blue colour background to the media page the recognisable colour of Logan, however it was a very strong colour of blue which blocked out the background and so I reduced the opacity of the colour to ensure the webpage background is still seen.


I next added in an external embedded link containing our song choice "If I Ruled The World" to give our fans another option of listening the song. In addition to this adding I also added an external hyperlink to purchase the song on Itunes and Google Music.


The website is not completely finished as I am waiting for the final version of our music video to be posted on YouTube which we are still editing however it should be uploaded by next week and then the Media page will have be complete