The Horse and The Fish

Cora Davis

One day a dirty stallion walked up to a pond for a drink. As he leaned down for a drink, a fish splashed above the water startling the horse. Then the fish disappeared back into the mercy waters of the pond. The horse, assuming that he was now alone once again, moved to a different spot to drink. The fish popped out of the water, not startling the horses this time, but instead the fish started talking. He told the horse about how beautiful his golden orange scales were."My scales are as golden as the gold that the king wears in his crown" stated the fish. "While you have a dirty coat that is thin and lacking color"He said. the horse responded, " I may not have the prettiest coat or golden scales, but i can run as fast as I please, and see new wonderful things. while you sit here in this pond by yourself, only seeing the same things." Life Lesson: Never Judge a Book by It's Cover