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Biographical Overview of the Middle Age's Superstars

Biographical info

William the Conqueror: William the Conqueror was born in 1028 A.D. in the town of Falaise, Normandy, France. He was born with the name Guillaume, but had the nickname of William the Conqueror. William was a very brave and noble man who was determined in everything he did. He died September 9th in Rouen, Normandy, France.

King John: King John was born December 24th, 1166 A.D. in Oxford, England and died October of 1216 A.D. His birth nickname is John Lackland, because his father had no more land for him.He was the son of Henry II. His nickname was John Softsword for his men being defeated while protecting nobles.

Joan of Arc: Joan of Arc's original birth name is Jeanne d'Arc. She was born in 1412 A.D. and died May 30th 1431 A.D. Her nickname was the Maid of Orleans. She was a very devout, determined, and courageous woman. She lived in what now today is called Eastern France.

Memorable Moments

William the Conqueror: William the Conqueror fought in many battles such as; Battles of Val-es-Dunes, Matilda, Mortemer, Varavile, and the battle of the Hastings. William the Conqueror sailed to England in September of 1066 A.D., when he arrived he slipped off the ship, but took a handful of sand and said "See, I grasp England in my hand". He was also crowned king of England on December 25th, 1066 A.D. It was strange for him to be crowned King, because he had a very high chance of being killed due to being a fatherless heir.

King John: The most famous quote about King John was "Hell itself is fouled by the presence of John". King John fought in many battles in the war against France. He became king when his brother Richard died in the battle of France. King John was the fifth son of Henry the second. He was involved in settling a dispute about the Archbishop of Canterbury's death with the new pope.

Joan of Arc: Joan of Arc's most memorable quote is "I am not afraid.....I was born to do this". She led many battles in The Hundred Year War and was very successful. She was burned at the stake when she was 19 years old. 25 years after her death she was patronized as a saint.


William the Conqueror: William the Conqueror was most famous for his victory at the battle of the Hastings and the slaying of the rebellious barons of Normandy. He also composed the compilation of Domesday Books, which were logs of properties he owned that he could tax.

King John: King John decided to buy new alliances during the truce of 1206-1208 A.D. He is most known for his signing of the Magna Carta and his high taxes. The Magna Carta reduced the political power of the monarchy but formed a powerful parliment. He also fought in the crusades.

Joan of Arc: Joan's valiant actions at the Battle of Orlean led up to the crowning of King Charles. She showed that women were just as equal as men and paved the way for future women leaders. The most important decision Joan of Arc ever made was to follow the voice she had been hearing, because it lead to many French victories.

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