Raymond's Run

By: Toni Cade Bambara Created by: Maddi Charping

Plot and Theme

In "Raymond's Run", the the main character is a young girl called Squeaky. She has a younger brother, named Raymond. Squeaky loves to run, it's all she really does. She trains for track races with Raymond everyday. She has a big ego, thinking she's the fastest runner in the world. But, after her next race, when her brother is running up to congratulate her on winning the race, she realizes that he runs quite quickly and well. Almost as fast as her. She also realizes that when she grows up, even if she doesn't become a professional runner, that she would like to coach Raymond. After she thinks this, she turns to a girl she was racing against, named Gretchen, and smiles, respecting the fact that she is also an amazing runner.

Thoughts on Story

Very inspirational, teaches reader to respect others and their talents.