The Iron Trial

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black





Powerful in fire


The Athletic one


The smart one

Minor chracters

Master Rockmaple, Jasper, Drew, Celia, Gwenda, Master Rufus, Kent.


Callum Hunt was boy selected for trail that would lead him to the person who killed his mother. A bunch of kids were also tricked to tack a Trial witch would see if the kids had magic abilities. Very few people get selected.Those who were selected were taken from there families and sent them to the Majestirium.


When they show up at the Majestirum they are pushed to become powerful mages. The training was imminence and painful. Everyday they wished they didn't go to the trial. But they stay (because they didn't know how to get out) and continue there training. Then they were ready for battle.He meats one of his teachers (and didn't know it) that had a mask. try to show him the way away from evil.


They have to face the The Enemy witch is his name because they said it was forbidden to say his name because he was consumed by dark magic. They win and return as heroes.