Time for your Annual Classroom Upgrade

Class Upgrade

  • Technology is becoming essential in our ever evolving world. As your child's educator, my job is to prepare them for the world they will enter when their schooling is done. Navigating and using technology to its full potential is a must in our society! In using technology in our classroom, I can help your children experience what it is like to incorporate technology into every day activities and assignments. Encouraging technology use will drive their innovation and creativity through a channel our society relies on.
  • As we venture with using some different avenues in our classroom, I will need your support and help, parents. Your involvement is absolutely needed and necessary to make this successful. We will be using a couple of common apps you are probably familiar with and I will be using one that is new to you. For the new app, I will post instructional videos for you, as well as focusing on this apps in class. Helping your child and teaching them how to navigate on apps and problem solving them will add to their solving abilities as well as increase their technological abilities.

What are we using, again?

Success! = easier than a text!

With your help and my implementation of this new format, we can assure our children be successful with our evolving technology as well as increase their creativity and perspective of technology!

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