Snow Leopard

We Need To Save The Snow Leopards!!!


Snow Leopards are very unique animals. A Snow Leopard may look like a regular leopard, but by the color of their coat, you can tell it's a Snow Leopard. Snow Leopards have a coat of pale gray with white underneath, and Leopards have yellow or gold fur. Want to know a way to tell the difference between a male Snow Leopard and a female Snow Leopard? Female Snow Leopard are usually 30% smaller than males. Snow Leopards are also smaller than regular Leopards.

Their Home

Home Sweet Home!

Snow Leopards live high in the mountains. Their thick fur coats protect them from the cold weather found where they live. Snow Leopards live in many different areas. Some of these could include Central Asia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, India, and China.

Why They Are Endangered

The Decrease...

Snow Leopards are being hunted. This is because of their use of their fur. Humans are also invading the Snow Leopard's habitat. Poaching is another way to hunt Snow Leopards. Poaching is an illegal way of hunting animals. It is illegal because animals have the right to stay alive while they are in reserve somewhere, but hunters kill them anyway.

The Remaining Snow Leopards

How Many Are Left?

Due to hunting and poaching, there are a total of 3,500-7,000 Snow Leopards living today. There are 600-700 left living in Zoos. It is sad to know that everyday the Snow Leopard's population is decreasing. We need to stop all hunting and poaching so this beautiful species can stay alive.

How Can We Help?

Helping Them Grow!

To save these precious animals, we can stop poaching, hunting, and destroying their habitats. To stop poaching, we can make sure that wherever the Snow Leopards are being held, people could watch over them carefully. To stop hunting, we could report it to people if you witness it, and help them make hunting an illegal activity.

Interesting Facts!

  • Each Snow Leopard's coat is different
  • Female Snow Leopards are usually 30% smaller than male Snow Leopards
  • Mother Snow Leopards usually have two baby kittens at a time