The Golden Age Of Greece

The golden age of Greece was a time of peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity for all who lived within Greece. From around 500 to 300 BC, great monuments were built, art, philosophy, architecture, and literature were also being enhanced to make the Greece a more striving and successful place to live. Democracy was born at this time allowing to bring a large number of city-states under a common language, culture, and eventually a common sense of Greek identity.

What Greece Excelled In

Trade was one of the main things that Greece excelled in. It allowed people to obtain different things from other countries that could benefit them. Trade allowed a striving and successful economy in Greece and between other countries such as the Byzantine empire and Egypt.

Art was yet another skill that Greece excelled in. Through the years art was becoming a very influential luxury in Greece. Art was becoming more realistic and vivid, portraying the lives that have lived, and the events that have taken place. Soon there was an increased demand for art, leading to the building of many cathedrals around the world. At these cathedrals they showcase the many amazing arts created by the amazing artists.

Philosophy, one of the biggest things that change our lives and future was another skill Greece excelled in. Ranging from Pythagoras to Socrates, Greece had homed some of the very great philosophers that have determined how we live today. Without the great teachings and philosophies from the many great philosophers from Greece, we would probably not have the luxuries or the technology we have use in our present time.