Body Killers

Drugs Killing!

Not So Fun

Feeling like having fun taking drugs to have fun well think again. Some drugs today can kill you or kill you slowly. People would say nothing would happen if you take it but every person has their own side affects. Some drugs than can kill or hurt your are ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin, inhalants and steroids. If you take to much your overdosing yourself and you could die. Also when you take one of these drugs you can hallucinate and you cant control what your about to do.
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Looks Can Hurt

Don't let looks fool you it may look like candy but its not you might say that it looks harmful but it is. These little non-fun pills are called ecstasy they cause you to grind your teeth back and forth and you cant stop. When your grinding your teeth your also clenching it leads to you spitting uncontrollably and while your spitting your throwing out pieces of your teeth and your also spitting out blood. Also it make your inside of your body reaches a high body temperature. If your inside of your body reaches a high temperature your organs get to heated and start to bleed your insides and cause you to die.
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Methamphetamine is a crystal like powder that you can get really high off and cause several damages inside and out your body. Its can cause you to become addictive of it, several dental problems like broken teeth blackness around your teeth and lips can rip apart. It can also give you high body temperature and violent behavior. The high body temperature can make your insides bleed and cause you to choke out blood. The violent behavior can lead for you to go to jail if it gets to out of control. Methamphetamine can look like sugary crystals but there not it causes all these problems and could any day kill you.
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Guys might take steroids to get this muscular but they don't know what steroids can cause them in the future. Steroids can cause for their ''manly testicles'' to shrink and their chest can develop in to looking like woman breast. For woman if they ever take it can cause growth of facial hair/chest and voice deepens. Also what happens to both male and female are a lot of acne grows, mood swings,paranoia and roid rage. When you stop using steroids all that muscle you gain from taking steroids turns into fat. but if you do keep taking it you would die because of steroids.
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Heroin is a type of drug powder that looks brown, dark brown and white. It can be sniffed, smoked and injected. Heroin can become an addiction and you feel a feeling of a rush washing over you but then you feel drowsiness. It can then lead to blood clots, organ failure and numerous diseases. If your blood clots it leads to what ever part of your body to start to look like you have bruises and then your vain gets all purple and is noticeable. Then when your vein clots up your vain pops and your blood cells go all over the place and you die. When you get an organ failure your organs can pop and make you bleed to death. Also when you get to the numerous disease you can die because its to much for your body to handle and your body gives up.

What Drug Causes

Loss Of Son To Accidental Drug Overdose Makes Mother Speak Out -- Penny Whipps


Drugs can lead to a lost of life and love ones it can hurt you but it also hurts others when your gone. Ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin and steroids even if you use it just one time and try just a little you can die every bodies body functions differently. You might see other people doing it it doesn't matter your not them you are saving yourself from just not doing drugs. Their losing their lives every second and minute. If you ever see anybody using drugs help them out and tell them not to do it and what can happen. You can make a difference and not use drugs.
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