A Positive Digital Footprint

By Shivam Patel

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What Is A Digital Footprint?

A Digital Footprint is what is left behind by someone on the Internet. This can be positive and negative, It is important to leave a positive footprint. This can help you in the future and keep you safe.

How Can A Positive Digital Footprint Help You In Life?

Having a positive footprint can help you in your career, education and social life. When getting a job your employer might look you up to find that you have posted inappropriate things on the web, Which could cause you to lose your job or not get it in the first place. The same could go with applying for college. or when you are making friends.

There are many different forms of social media.

Many Problems Can Arise When People Use the Internet

Identity theft is a common issue among people not managing there information. Here are some tips to keeping you identity safe.

1. Create strong passwords and update them frequently.

2. Be aware of the information that you keep public.

3. Keep personal and financial information safe.

4. Keep your belongings that keep your personal information safe. mobile phones, laptops,etc.

5. Keep updated on you credit report and financial spending.