Halle's newspaper

4th grade news

Mirror Reporter

Hi, I am writting to you because I would like a chance to be in the newspaper, I can write anything you want me too, I am green, also I have experience with writing and really anything you want me to do. I think I should be in the newspaper because I am an excellent student in my four classes= Math, Peanding, Language Arts, and Sicence\ S.S.

I'm smart and kind and very intelligent. Caring too! I love to write. I also have experince using technology, I do a lot of that in school= Ipads, computers, Netbooks, and more! I have a little brother and a big brother= 11 and 7, I am 9 yrs old.

I'd really like a chance to be in the newspaper so I hope you pick me and I'd be happy to be in it so, I hope to see you soon! Remember, I am perfict to be in it. So once again, I am smart! Love to write and an a+ student! Sincerely,