Please Stop Laughing At Me

By Jodee Blanco

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Jodee Blanco as a child always had troubles fitting in with the kids at school. Jodee went to Holy Ascension, a Catholic school where all her teachers were nuns. At this school, she considered herself “popular”. She began to help out with kids at her school who were deaf at her school during her lunch. That’s when the bullying began. Her friends started to make fun of them and as Jodee stood up for one girl named Marianne, they began to pick on Jodee.

They started to say things about the handicapped kids to Jodee which really hurt her. She loved being with those kids and being their friends but as her other friends made fun of them she felt super sad. Jodee’s parents had switched Jodee’s schools to make the situation better but it ended up not fixing anything as she could not find a way to fit in at her new school either. When she reached high school, she made a new friend named Annie. Annie was basically Jodee’s guardian angel. Jodee was not made fun of when with Annie, which Jodee loved. All the sudden, people just began to hate Jodee again and she began to have nobody as she did a long time ago.

At this time in her life, Jodee began to not care about anything or even herself. She turns to not eating and cutting herself which makes her become depressed. “It’s not that I’m trying to starve myself, it’s just that food simply won’t go down.” (PAGE 166) Jodee just could not be herself at this point. As Jodee became a senior, the bullying seemed the simmer down, but the last day, her crush wrote her a really hurtful note in her yearbook. That was her last memory in that school and now, twenty years later, she is at the reunion. She goes in very nervous, and everyone happens to be very different as if they were never a bully to her. From that moment on, Jodee had been relieved on what happened to her.

About Jodee

Jodee is a sweet and sensitive girl. She lives with her loving parents as an only child. Jodee's family always impacted her because of how affectionate and caring they are. "My grandmother and aunts might have been my anchors, but my dad was my wings." (PAGE 22) While going to her Catholic school, Jodee had tons of friends but as she progressively got older and moved away, she didn't have many. Jodee loved acting and even made a lead role in a school play! Jodee was always a good kid but, no kids are perfect, she made mistakes but she was still an amazing person.

Conflict / Resolution

In 'Please Stop Laughing At Me', Jodee struggled through bullying and people picking on her at school. This problem could be considered as a character vs character issue. "They grabbed my hands and feet and dragged me across the parking lot behind the main campus chanting, 'We're going to kill you.' " (PAGE 67) She dealt with bullies daily, harassing her, calling her names, just the slightest things they would pick on her for. Jodee really never resolved this conflict as the bullying happened in fourth grade up to her senior year in high school. Even the last day of twelfth grade she was bullied. This made her the way she was before the reunion.


For the book, I would say the theme could be, that it is okay to be different and that may be hard to see but, it truly is. In the beginning of the book at the dedication chapter, Jodee says, "This is also a celebration of the 'inner outcast' in all of us, and a humble attempt to inspire tolerance, understanding, and acceptance" (PAGE XV) This is what we can show to say this theme can work.

Textual Evidence

One part of this book that really got to me and stood out was when, Jodee basically could not take the pain anymore and started to cut herself in her freshman year of high school. Her mom and grandfather even got involved trying to pull the blade away from her. She could not stop crying, she just wanted the pain gone. "I want to kill them, like they're killing me." (PAGE 164) This quote from the book really stood out. You could honestly feel as if there was a sudden urge of sadness around you. Even though there was a ton more quotes that stood out, I feel as this one really did the most.

Book Review

As a reader, I would like to give this book a 5/5! I really enjoyed reading the book and I think lots of other people would as well. The book shares a story which thousands of people go through everyday, then showing how it effects their minds is a great way to put it across. I think this book can show kids how, bullying is a huge issue we have in society today and that bullying is not an okay thing to do. You never know what someone can be going through outside of where the are getting bullied, now I think this book can really help this.


This is a video of a ten year old girl named Hope who has been diagnosed with cerebal palsy, and is being bullied by her neighbor on the bus, and also by his dad when they come home. This shows how bullying happens. The son could possibly being doing this because of words his family could say about Hope.

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