Canada's Immigration Future:

Social and economic impact of Canadian immigration

The Role Immigration Has On Canada's Economics

Immigration plays a vital role in Canada's economy by providing skilled workers to meet the needs of our job market. As we learned with the point system activity, Canada favours young, skilled individuals. Read the following article to be able to answer the question "why does Canada's economy need immigrants?"

Why Canada Needs More Immigrants- Now

Open the following link and read the article by Reader's Digest. Be sure to summarize the article by highlighting the author's reasoning as to why Canada needs immigrants.

Services Within Communities For New Canadians

When you arrive in a new location or are planning a trip, what are some of the first things you want to know about this location? What kind of clothing do I need? Is it hot or cold? Where is the best place to eat? Is my hotel or apartment in a safe part of town? Will I be able to speak their language? To ensure a successful transition, many communities have services in place for new Canadians to help them adjust to their new location. Using the Government of Canada website, in 2-3 paragraphs briefly explain how a new Canadian can have a smooth transition. Be sure to include information on key facts about Canada, health services, schooling, living, Canada's official languages and adjusting to life in Canada.
Your First Two Weeks in Canada

Start Your New Life In Canada

Government of Canada Immigration & Citizenship Services. Use this link to research your paragraphs.