Jay Olson

My Life

My parents would say i'm respectful. My friends say i'm funny, but that's my decision. Hi I'm Jay, and i go to Bridle Ridge Intermediate. I am 12 years old and my Birthday is Aug 22,2001. My favorite color is blue, and I Like Music. My favorite rapper is Eminem and my favorite singer is Justin Timberlake, but my favorite song is no love by Eminem and Lil Wayne. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite sport is Football and I would play in a league but my dad wants doesn't want me to start young, because he thinks i will get tired of it.

Another thing i like to do is go Swimming with my friends. We normally like to go to Summit Waves or the Belton,MO Water park. We try to get the money so we can all go together, because I think its boring by yourself.

That's my Life