VCR 10 Presentation

Przemyslaw Pudelko-4B


History Channel's Mountain Men shows the lives of various ______________ that live alone in the mountains of America.
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noun. Someone who lives alone and avoids company; a hermit

Roots: Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausum <L. "to close"

re <L. "back," "again"

alternate forms: Reclusion (noun), Reclusive (adjective)


Solitaire, Anchorite, Monk, Eremite


Extrovert, Socialite

Choose the sentence that uses the bolded word incorrectly

A. During the Middle Ages in Europe, monks would sometimes become recluses for many years in order to transcribe and illustrate the Bible.

B. The reclusive grandfather decided that he'd had enough of his grandson's complaining and went outside to speak with his other guests.

C. In History Channel's Vikings, a few people sometimes go to "the wise one," a recluse that lives alone in a small shack, to get their fortunes told to them.

D. In the Polish movie Poklosie, or Aftermath, after digging up all the bones in their family's old property, Franek and Jozek Kalina meet an old, reclusive woman from the woods that tells them to rebury the bones in the new graveyard they'd made on Jozek's farmland.