Mark Zuckerberg

by Cora Wright

Personal Informatoin

Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York. Much like Bill Gates, another great inventor of the 21st century, Zuckerberg was an extremely precocious child. At age twelve, he utilized "Atari Basic" to create a messaging program that his father would later use for his business.

Educational Background

Mark Zuckerberg developed the idea for his website while he was attending college at Harvard University. He dropped out of school after his sophomore year so that he could elaborate on Facebook, which already had the potential to become wildly successful.

Work Backrgound

Zuckerberg was already rather accomplished before he became involved with Facebook. While he was still in his high school, Phillips Exeter Academy, he developed a "music streaming platform" which ignited an interest of the young teen in both AOL and Microsoft. He turned them down.

Company History

Zuckerberg is more or less responsible for creating the Facebook website. There have been large amounts of controversy concerning whether or not he should receive credit for the site. Shortly after the site took off in '04, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss filed a law suit against Zuckerberg. They claimed that he stole the idea from them. The Social Network, a movie about the development of Facebook and Zuckerberg's rise to fame, depicts the story that the Winklevoss brothers seemed to have believed: that Zuckerberg was their partner, agreed to develop their website for them, and then put their project on hold to focus on his own website, (Facebook) which was a little too similar to their own idea. The case was dismissed in '07 after the judge concluded that the Winklevosses lacked evidence to prove their tale.

What is the Company Known for Today?

While Facebook's popularity has decreased, it still stands as one of the nation's favorite sources of reaching out to others and making connections. It is a tool that assists many of its users to meet new people, rekindle old friendships, and share information with an entire network of persons.

More on Mark

He and his wife had a "surprise wedding"; everyone thought they were attending the bride's graduation from med school!

He has a dog named Beast.

In 2013, he was the most charitable philanthropist.

Why Do I Like Zuckerberg?

Zuckerberg started making an impact before he had even reached high school. Instead of playing video games, he was developing them (well, maybe not games per se, but let's not forget that he created a messaging platform that would later be used in a professional dental office). He gives such a great name to children, and really emphasizes what I've always believed to be true: your age has no pertinence to your capabilities. Just because you're only twelve years old doesn't mean you shouldn't be educated on current events or familiar with your Miranda Rights. It's never too early to begin learning, and it most certainly is never too early to be taken seriously. Many people tend to underestimate the wisdom and insight children can provide. Zuckerberg gives them a reason to think twice.

I also love that he dropped out of college. Nowadays, it is far too common to be looked at funny if you don't want a college education. While it is difficult to make a living without one, it's also very possible. College just isn't for everyone, and Zuckerberg shows that as long as you work hard, you don't need a Harvard degree to be respected.

Mark Zuckerberg - Interview (Rock Center With Brian William) - HD



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