The Brave and Powerful

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About Me

My name is Aslan I am king of Narnia unlike that evil queen. I can make it spring so it will not always be winter and never Cristmas and the only reason I am saying that is because the witch made a spell like that. I am son of the great Emperor, all I want is peace all over Narnia. I sacrifised my self for Edmund but anyway I knew there was a deeper magic that ment you can't kill someone instead of the traitor and that is why I am still alive

Aslan's name

When I hear my own name I think of a brave, gentle and powerful lion and it's true I am all those things, but all the children had different reactions and those were: Peter felt brave and adventurous, Edmund felt a sensation of mysterious horror, susan felt as if a dilsious smell or delightful strain of music floated by her and lucy had the felling when you wake up in the morning and you realize it's the begining of the holidays.

Father Christmas's Gift

Each of the children have got a gift from Father Christmas and those gifts are: Peter got a sword and a shield, susan got a bow and a quiver full of arows and a little invory horn and lucy got a bottle and a dagger. What I would want from Father Christmas would be an iron claw so that it would be so sharp that if I touch the witch with it she will be defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Favorite Quote

" Oh children I feel all my strenghth coming back to me, oh children catch me if you can!". This quote shows that I am a very very very very very very happy lion! It shows I care about Narnia and my job to bring peace and quiet to Narnia. I love it. The peace in Narnia makes me thing of the best king in Narnia EVER!!!

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