Medieval Europe Final Project

By: Bailey Vogel

How did the Catholic Church unify Europe, politically and socially, after the fall of Rome?

The Catholic Church unified Europe by becoming very powerful throughout the Middle Ages. It evolved the feudal system and also got people to convert to Christianity and further spread the religion.

How did the following events, both individually and collectively, contribute to the end of the Medieval Era in Europe?

  1. Crusades -- Introduced many new sciences and advances in technology, which is a main reason the Medieval Era ended.
  2. The Plague (Black Death) -- Caused more than half of the population to die, making it difficult to continue any kingdoms or establish a set king, since the disease affected everyone.
  3. The Great Schism -- It weakened the power and view from people on the Catholic Church.
  4. Hundred Years War -- Affected the feudal system, which also directly affected the importance of feudal lords and knights.

Explain the key elements of art and architecture in Medieval Europe.

The key elements of art and architecture were large, stain-glass windows, which aided those who could not read and also allowed large amounts of light to illuminate churches. Another key element would be the high ceilings, which developed directly from the stain-glass windows. These elements are major influences on modern art as well as architecture.