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1000 Take

1 US dollar = 77.33 taka
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In Bangladesh there are 156,594,962 people.
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In Bangladesh the men wear shirt and jeans, women wear pajama, sari, and jeans.


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Bengali ten words

1 What: What

2 Is: is

3 Your: Your

4 Name: Name

5 Translation: Translation

6 Boy: The boy

7 Girl: The girl

8 Kid: Kid

9 Mom: Mom

10 Dad: Dad

#3 major cities

#1 Dhaka
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This is Bangladesh’s most beautiful and the largest city. Dhaka’s population is 7,001,000 million. In Dhaka they play cricket a lot. This is how they play.

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That’s why Dhaka is so interesting.

#2 Chittagong
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This is bangladesh’s biggest mountains city. Chittagong’s population is 5.239 million. It has huge mountains that’s why Chittagong is interesting.
#3 Khulna
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This is the bangladesh’s second beautiful city that’s why it is so interesting. Khulna’s population is 1.4 million.

# What do Bangladeshi people celebrate?

They celebrate Baisakhi Mela, Boi-Mela, and Ekushey Book Fair.
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Bangladesh's two holidays

They are Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Azha.
Bangladeshi pizza
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Bangladeshi Foods

Bangladeshi people eats fruit, vegetable, and meat etc. In meats option, they basically eats cow, chicken, and Turkey but, they doesn't eat pork because in Bangladesh most of the peoples are Muslim.


Bangladesh is located near Asia. Bangladesh bordered by India.
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3 landforms

Mountain: Keokradong, Chittagong

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River: Jamuna River.
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Valley: Sajek Valley.

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Latitude and longitude
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23.7000 degree N, 90.3500 degree E.

Free choice-sport

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In Bangladesh most of the people play Cricket. It’s a very cool game. It’s a really great sport.

Free choice-Religion

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Islam mean peace. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In the religion called “Islam” the people believe that there is no god but Allah. That means only one god.

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