By Jeremy Popp

The economy

Ecuador has a capitalist economy and the main exports from this country include petroleum,bananas,shrimp, and cocoa. They export goods to the U.S. ,Chile,Peru,Colombia,Japan, and Russia. Some of there main imports are industrial materials, and fuel. They import these goods from the U.S, China,Colombia, and Peru. Also there currency is the U.S. Dollar.

Independence and language

Ecuador was originally colonized by Spain but gained there independence in 1822 when Simon Bolivar freed the and created gran Colombia. They are still an independent country and they have no official language but the two major languages are Spanish, and Quecha .

The government

Ecuador has a republic form of government and the current president is Rafael Correa Delgado and Ecuador seems to be on good terms with other coutries or at least good enough terms to import and export goods to and from them.

Geography and major cities

The Ecuador mainland is directly south west of Colombia and is on the coast. Some physical features are the central high land the Galapagos islands and the tropical coast. The capital of Ecuador is Quito but it's largest city is Guayaquil.

Tourist information

Ecuador is great for tourists because it has good wether a tropical coast line the central high land is great for mountain biking, and climbing there is also the Galapagos islands which are full of wildlife including manatees, seals, and even penguins. No seriously penguins they are Galapagos penguins though that can only be found there.