Staying Dry and Warm

How to make an accurate shelter


  • Shelter is the most important thing to do when stranded on an unknown island
  • Shelters provide shade, warmth, protection, and comforts you when you are in an unfamiliar place
  • Finding shelter will help you stay alive and well nurtured by the time people find you
  • Make the shelter on the beach in the open
  • But also make sure it is in good walking distance from fresh water
  • Write an S.O.S. sign in the sand near your shelter so that people can find you
  • Write the S.O.S. sign with sticks or rocks, anything that is noticeable


  • Cut a limb off a palm tree about 2 meters long
  • Lay tree limb between a trunk and another limb
  • Lay sticks along the first limb
  • Place flowers, leaves, and mud over the assembled sticks
  • To bloke hole of rain
  • So that you can stay dry and warm

Making a Shelter:

  • Get a Palm Tree

  • Remove Leaves

  • Remove Sticks

  • Then, Dig a hole

  • Put the leaves on top of the hole

  • And then the sticks

  • Make sure that there is a way for you to get into the shelter
  • Also Make sure that the leaves are heavy enough to keep your shelter from storms, wind , and/or any natural disasters
  • But, not heavy enough to kill you if it falls

Inside the Shelter:

  • Make a pile of cut up weeds, twigs, and grass
  • Place that pile inside the shelter
  • Use this pile as a pillow
  • If the shelter isn't as warm as you want it you should place leaves on the insides to bloke any wide from entering and making you cold
  • And if the shelters hot inside remove debris from outside framework

Find Resources:

  • Find out what resources that you may have on the island
  • You will want to work fast
  • To limit your time of light
  • Use sturdy wood debris
  • Metal Debris
  • Twigs
  • Branches from trees
  • Or anything durable to build the frame of the shelter
  • Then find large leaves
  • Gather them
  • Then layer them on the roof to cover you from the rain