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Aromatherapy may prevent heart disease~

The heart is the most important human organ. Without it pumping, we couldn't sustain life. Many are mindful of how diet and exercise affect heart health, but aromatherapy offers complementary support with essential oils. Throughout history, aromas have been used to emotionally and physically care for our hearts.

Recent research confirms what many have intuitively known about aromas and essential oils. Essential oils may prevent heart disease, and exposure to aromatherapy has demonstrated a beneficial effect on heart rate and blood pressure. One study in young women showed an association between essential oil inhalation and lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and stress level.

Beyond physiology, heart is the home for feelings. Our hearts know—beating faster when reunited with a loved one and sinking into our chests upon hearing bad news. Joseph Campbell wrote, "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature." Whether you are looking to boost circulation, connect deeper with a lover, or find peace in grief, you can use nature to support your heart. It's February, the month of love, so here are some ways to emotionally open your heart and physically support its functioning using essential oils.

Download the list of oils and how to use them for your heart.

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