Bridge Bulletin

February 3, 2023

Principal Chat

I hope your water pipes didn't freeze this week. I woke up Tuesday morning and checked the weather (daily ritual) and at 5:32 am it was 0 F with a feels like of -18 F. Then, to warm me up I checked the weather in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It was -16 F with a feels like temp of - 32 F. My attitude immediately improved! The high in Grand Forks for the day will only be 3 F - at least we plan to break into the teens. Our motto in the staff work area is "Opt for Optimism" and it's not hard if you know that compared to others, you probably have it pretty dang good which is why when the temperature got me down I searched for a place whose temperature was lower than ours :)

We open our doors much earlier than any elementary school in the area and provide FREE supervision for one hour before school begins. But, our doors do not open until 7:30 am. PLEASE do not drop your kids off earlier than 7:30 and leave them sitting outside, alone, under the portico. Not only is it unsafe, it is COLD!!!


I KNOW this is a broken record, but, if the sibling of the Bridge student is not enrolled by the time we run the first lottery on Tuesday, February 7, we cannot guarantee they will have a spot for next school year. This is especially important for kindergarten. We just looked at the lottery and with the current preferences for siblings, employees, and military, we only have 19 spots left for "random" kindergarten students. So, if you are wanting the kindergarten sibling to come to Bridge next year, they MUST be in this lottery or they will not have a spot for next year.

The link to enroll in the lottery is:


This week's staff highlight features our AMAZING student support staff, Gailon Tucker. Keep reading below to learn more about Mr. Tucker.


If your student has had an accident at school - spilled lunch or milk on their clothes, didn't make it to the restroom, fell or jumped into a puddle, etc. chances are they have borrowed clothing from our closet. Most of these items get returned (please keep the underwear and socks and those are brand new and are yours to keep) and are reused, but sometimes they walk away and are never to be seen again. For this reason, we are VERY LOW on pants (black or tan) sizes 4 - 7. If you have any pants to donate, please drop them off at the office. THANK YOU!

Mark you calendars for the following days of NO SCHOOL

  • February 20 (President's Day)
  • March 9 & 10 (Parent Teacher Conferences)
  • April 3 - 7 (Spring Break)
  • May 26 (Teacher work day)
  • May 29 (Memorial day)

Upcoming Events

  • Middle of Year Progress Reports - February 3
  • Roy City Fire Department Safety Assembly - April 19
  • Classic Skate Night - May 3

Please keep reading for more information about this past week and events for the upcoming weeks.

As always, thank you for sharing your kids with us!

Lani Rounds


Progress Reports

We are midway through the school year and our middle of year (MOY) progress reports were sent home this week. Check your child's backpack for an envelope with a yellow progress report. If your student lost or misplaced it, please contact the teacher. The teacher has the original copy and can send home another or email one to you.

At Bridge we focus on student growth rather than proficiency. Proficiency is where you compare a child to his or her grade level. It is useful for students who are considered "average" but is not a valid measure for students who score below their peers or score above their peers. Growth allows us to determine how much progress each and every student is making to ensure that not only are the average kids making adequate growth, but struggling kids and accelerated students are also making a year's worth of growth as well.

Some teachers included the "Progress Report Data Explained" on the back of the progress report. If this is missing from your child's progress report you can find it on our website under Schoolwide Assessments at:

Data - Growth Looks AMAZING!

We are SO proud or our kids and our teachers! Their hard work has really paid off. Overall, students have shown incredible growth between beginning of of year (BOY) and middle of year (MOY). We measure growth using Acadience reading and math, Imagine Literacy and math and a writing sample. This information is shown on your student's progress report. School data is shown below and is also reported as an aggregate on our website (scroll down to Schoolwide Assessments):

Acadience Reading - Acadience is an assessment of basic reading skills. The data shows an increase of 5% between the percentage of students at or above benchmark at the middle of the year compared to the beginning of the year. This does not sound like a lot, but the state sees an END of year growth of 3% as outstanding so we are really proud of the 5% increase our students have made.

Acadience Math - this is a new test for the state of Utah. Bridge has elected to use this test K - 6 while the state only requires it is used K - 3. Teachers love the test as the data really helps them identify what math skills students need help with and what skills students have mastered. Through progress monitoring teachers are able to fine tune instruction. At the beginning of the year we had 29% of our students at or above benchmark on the Acadience math assessment. At the middle of year 47% of our students scored at or above grade level on the assessment. This is a 16% increase. Since it is a new assessment we do not have state data to know if this is a good increase, but we feel that it is a GREAT increase!

Imagine Literacy - Unlike Acadience Reading, Imagine Literacy assesses more than just basic reading skills. This assessment looks at all parts of literacy including vocabulary, parts of speech, story composition, and other language arts topics that align with Utah's core standards. Students who may not have mastered basic reading skills may still perform well on this assessment as they have mastered many of the other skills that are required at their grade level. At the beginning of the year, 64% of our students scored at or above grade level in Imagine Literacy. At the middle of year benchmark, 77% of students scored at or above grade level - an increase of 13%.

Imagine Math - Imagine Math measures student growth using a "Quantile" measure. A growth of 100 Quantile is the equivalent of one year's growth in math. The expectation is by middle of the year students should grow at least 50 quantile points to indicate they have gained at least a half year's growth. The grade level quantile growth scores for the middle of the year are:

  • Kindergarten = 206Q
  • 1st Grade = 130Q
  • 2nd Grade = 163Q
  • 3rd Grade = 94Q
  • 4th Grade = 90Q
  • 5th Grade = 96Q
  • 6th Grade = 101Q

The graphs below show a pictorial representation of the data described above.

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

School Land Trust

HISTORY - Before the first United States Congress ratified the constitution and before the election of George Washington, a process was established by the Continental Congress to ensure children of the new country would be educated. The Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 set aside lands to support public education as territories and states became part of the Union. The Founding Fathers were concerned about the sporadic establishment of schools and demonstrated their commitment to an educated citizenry and maintaining a democracy as the organized system of land grants was put in place. Utah was granted school trust lands through the Utah Enabling Act and Utah Constitution, a bilateral contract between the Federal Government and the State of Utah. There are over 3.2 million acres of land held in trust for Utah’s K-12 schools that are managed by the State of Utah.

Each public school in Utah receives funds, called "Trust Land Funds" from the interest generated from the money held in trust. Schools form a committee which includes school staff and parents, to determine how to spend these funds. Bridge receives approximately $60,000 in Trustland funds. We currently use these funds to help support our P90 reading program in grades 1 - 3.

You can find our current plan on our website at :

If you would like to be part of the Trust Lands Committee please complete the form below. If we have enough interest we will conduct a "vote" using an anonymous ballot system through a survey to select the committee members. The positions require a small time commitment by attending meetings and trainings.

Indoor Recess - Brrrrr

It was a ROUGH couple of days this week as kids had to stay inside for recess because of the "feels like" temps on Monday and Tuesday. Our recess protocol is when the feels like is less than 20 F we keep kids inside. Now, if we lived in North Dakota, "Elementary students in grades K- 5 will stay inside before school and/or during recess when the wind chill reaches -15° F". There is not a state requirement for temperatures at recess. The "feels like" 20 F was a determination made by Bridge based on years of experience with staff, kids and parents. If we could guarantee that every student came to school prepared for Utah winters we could reduce this number, but alas, since many of our students think a hoodie is a coat, more than 15 minutes in a temperature less than 20 F might get a little dicey. Perhaps in North Dakota the kids wear a real coat to school.

Our teachers and paras try REALLY hard to keep kids entertained during indoor recess - which for one recess, isn't too challenging. But, by the time it's recess number three or four, the kids are FINISHED! In fourth grade Ms. Scarlett and Ms. Wilson were pulling out all the stops with "The Floor is Lava" and Twister and managed to keep a several kids engaged. In kindergarten they tried free play and four corners to keep the madness under control. For those who like art and silent reading, indoor recess seems like a dream come true. Our 6th graders played Kahoot games and For those kids with the energy that could make them stars of a Rock Star energy drink commercial, indoor recess is the stuff nightmares are made of...

Valentine's Day

Some grade levels will have students participate in Valentine's Day activities such as distributing cards and treats. Please check with your child's teachers to determine if your child's class will be participating in this activity. If your child's class is participating in Valentine's distribution, each student will be provided a large white craft bag which they will decorate at school for their Valentine's day cards.

Students can choose to bring cards/treats to their homeroom class, to their entire pod or not at all. There is NO requirement to participate nor is there a requirement to distribute to all the students in the pod. If a child chooses to participate an easy way is to just enter a FROM and not enter a TO, then you don't even need a class list.

Kindergarten = 78 total = 26 per class

1st Grade = 87 total = approximately 30 per class

2nd Grade = 90 total = 30 per class

3rd Grade = 83 total = approximately 28 per class

4th Grade = 81 total = approximately 27 per class

5th Grade = 54 total = approximately 18 per class

6th Grade = 56 total = approximately 28 per class

Students can bring candy or toys to distribute; however, students will NOT open Valentines at school. Students may NOT eat any of the candy at school. ALL cards, treats and prizes must be opened after school at home.

Open Positions - Next School Year


Interested individuals should email resume to

4th and 5th Grade Para Educators

Our para-educators work in the classrooms assisting students with computers, stations, specials, lunch and recess. Para-educators must pass a background check and have a minimum of an associate's degree or pass a para-pro Praxis test which they take through Our para-educators work 29 - 35 hours weekly and receive paid time off and holiday pay for five holidays. Full-time employees (working 30+ hours weekly) are eligible for benefits including access to 401 K and health insurance. Salary is based on education and experience and is $15 - $18 hour.

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Langhaim, one of our 1st grade teachers is finishing her masters degree in special education and will be moving to special education next year. This will open a teaching position in 1st grade. We are hiring a 1st grade teacher with a professional license, a minimum of three years teaching experience, and who has completed a portion of LETRS training. Salary is based on experience and education.

Construction Zone - and NOW it Begins

We knew it was starting...

PLEASE be so very careful during drop off and pick up. Construction has started on the homes in the field to the south of the school. Big trucks going in and out - traffic stopped and backed up making things even crazier than normal. Plan your morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups carefully. BASE pick up is still just 10 minutes but 3:30 pick up was an extra five minutes longer on Wednesday. Morning drop off had a couple of kinks around 8:15 am as the construction flaggers were stopping traffic. Dropping off earlier rather than later is probably a better plan. Friday cold be a staggered pick up with some of you checking your kids out a little early and the rest coming at 1:30 unless construction workers take Friday's off....but don't tell the secretaries or they'll be mad at me :)

Big picture

2023-2024 Calendar

The calendar for next school year is now approved. You can access it on our website using the link below:

Weber Human Services - Stabilization and Mobile Response (SMR)

Weber Human Services SMR is available for 24/7 crisis support and short-term stabilization. To request help or make a referral, dial 988. Weber Human Service's works with families to improve functioning, develop and maintain healthy communication, and enhance ability to cope with future crisis.

Traits of a Good Learner

Each week students attend a Visible Learning class where they learn about traits of a good learner. Next week's Visible Learning class will review the six learning traits your child has learned. By internalizing visible learning traits students will become lifelong learners who are set up for success. You can find all of our Visible Learning traits on our website at:

Field Day Donations Needed

We are starting the planning for our Field Day blowout! This is the funnest day of the school year and includes bounce houses, games, prizes, entertainment, food, fun, face painting, yearbook signing and more.

We are looking for donations for our game booths. Students play games and win prizes. These are not elaborate prizes. We are looking for simple things like you get at Zurchers, pick up in packs at the Dollar Store, or buy from Oriental Trading. We also need tons and tons and tons of cans of soda for the ring toss. Please drop your donations off in the office and remember to enter your donations (converted to hours) into our volunteer tracker so your family can be place into our Frog Pond in the front foyer.

Easy Way to Donate to Bridge - Amazon Smile

Amazon makes it SUPER easy to donate to Bridge through their Amazon Smile program. When you purchase from Amazon using the Amazon Smile link and select Bridge Elementary as your designated school, Amazon sends us a check every quarter. So far, Amazon has sent us $800 since the school opened its doors. The link is on our website for Amazon Smile. Bridge Elementary may show with a Kaysville address as that is our accounting address. Start shopping today.

School Website:

Amazon Smile

Big picture

Gailon Tucker - Student Support

Gailon Tucker

I am so excited to be a Bullfrog at Bridge! This is my third year here, I started as a lunch lord in the lunchroom and have been the chess and algebra teacher for the past two years. This year we added P90 in second grade and I am having a blast working with reading too!

I enjoy traveling, photography, riding motorcycles, and hanging out with Mrs. Tucker. I love Harry Potter and Lego!

Yearbook Orders

The yearbook can now be ordered, online. Orders are not taken at the school. Yearbooks will not be available at the school for sale. The cost is $15. You can also find the order information on our website at:

Code = BridgeES

Pre Pay code = BridgeYB23


Online Lunch Payments

Lunch payments can be made online or in the front office using cash or check. Payments made in the front office are posted immediately in Aspire. Online payments are not immediately updated in Aspire.

When payments are made online we must complete several steps to get the payments moved to Aspire. We do this every Monday and Wednesday. After we run the online report it takes another day for the money to post to your student's Aspire account. Please allow 3 - 5 days from the day you make the online payment to the day the information posts in Aspire.

The link to make payments online is found on our website by selecting the MEALS icon.


We LOVE parent and grand parent volunteers at school! If you would like to volunteer, please check with your child's teachers. If you want to volunteer but aren't excited about coming into the school, we have LOTS of opportunity for outside volunteer work including:

  • Cutting Watch Me Learn tickets (stop by the office)
  • Pulling weeds in the rock areas and park strips (we have all the area in front of the school and up 4800 S along the school fence).
  • Using rakes and shovels to redistribute the gravel from the bottom of the retention area in front of the school to the top area to cover the black landscape screen.
  • Parking lot duty before and after school (just check in at the office, put on a yellow vest and talk to Travis in the crosswalk for instructions)

After you have volunteered please enter your hours in our volunteer form on our website:

Once your family has logged 30 volunteer hours they will have a frog put into our Volunteer Pond in the foyer.

If you want to volunteer but do not have the time, you can donate $90 to cover the 30 hours. If you choose to donate, complete the volunteer form. You can donate in the office or by using our DONATE icon on the home page of our website.

Excuse an Absence

Absences MUST be excused within 24 hours of the absence. You can do this by leaving a message on the Attendance line at school (801)499-5180 or by using the Excuse Absence online form. You can find this on our website by clicking on the Excuse Absence icon or using the link below:


Title I

Title I was initially passed in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). It is the largest federal assistance program for public schools. These supplemental funds provide students the opportunity to receive a fair, equitable and high-quality education to help close achievement gaps.

Bridge Elementary receives our Title I funding based on the percentage of students that qualify for free or reduced lunch. For this reason we encourage ALL families to apply for Free/Reduced lunch through Aspire to ensure every single student receives the services needed, including access to free or reduced meals if appropriate.

Title I provides avenues for parent input and participation. We do this through our surveys and the link to the form on our website which allows parents to submit questions and suggestions.

You can find more information about Title I as well as a form to ask questions or provide suggestions regarding Title I, on our website at:

Who to Contact for What

Principal - Lani Rounds -

At-Risk Programs Coordinator - Stacey Archuleta -

  • Morning Supervision and BASE
  • Behavior including Bullying
  • 504 Plans

Lead Secretary - Lalani Williams -

  • Aspire
  • Lottery
  • Registration

School Nurse - Vicki Ross -

Special Education

Diane Nelson Lead SpED Teacher -

Julie Christensen SpED Director -

ELL Coordinator - Nichol Lloyd -

Meal Issues - Jodi Jensen -

Classroom Teachers - see website -

  • Daily activities for your child
  • Student progress
  • Questions about student schedule

About Bridge Elementary Charter

The mission of Bridge Elementary is to provide students with a personalized learning experience and empower them to take personal ownership and accountability for their own academic performance.