Gloria Deo Academy Campus visit day

Come enroll for GDA 2014-2015!!! Grades K-11!

Our Special Day Is Coming Soon!

Gloria Deo Academy welcomes you to come visit our beautiful campus! Come see why Gloria Deo is Comal county's fastest growing private Christian school. I think you should think about coming to GDA because:
  • We have safe boundaries on campus to make sure your child is safe
  • We want your child to make lots of friends. Here at Gloria DEO, we have:a gaga ball pit,a basketball hoop, volleyball net, jump ropes, multiple tire swings, and a great flat area for a game of capture the flag, soccer, football, or frisbee.
  • The teachers at our school are wonderful and they will help your child grown in their education and their spiritual growth . Also, our teachers are all professionals with a degree, we meet at GDA twice a week:Tuesday and Thursday.
  • High-school students come to GDA on Fridays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays so they can earn all of their credits.
  • Our staff is wonderful. They are always there for your child to help them with their needs. Whether your child needs a band-aid or someone friendly to talk to they will be right at their side.
  • Finally, there are adults who volunteer to watch over your child during lunchtime and when they are playing outside.

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 10-11:30am

1100 Bulverde Rd

Bulverde, TX

To reserve your sopt, please RSVP to Jamie King at:

Please check out our facebook page:

or our school website: