Miller Elementary Newsletter

Week of 3-23-2020

Dear Miller Families,

I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. The last ten days have been a whirlwind, I never would I have ever imagined we would be in this situation.

Unfortunately, this is not something we were prepared for. As you know, information has been changing by the hour it seems. I know the list of things that we are worrying about gets exponentially longer with each day this goes on. Worrying about what your children will miss educationally is high on my list as well as our teachers. Please know that we will get through this time together. Teachers have been and will continue to communicate with parents via email, Remind, Dojo or Class Tag. Every Tuesday, teachers will continue to provide lists of resources and enrichment activities for students.

I encourage you to use this time to enjoy your families. Zoom and Facetime are a great way to also connect with those you cannot physically spend time with. There are lots of articles and advice out there on how you should organize your time while in quarantine. Not being able to see their friends is the toughest part of all of this in my opinion. My family has had many dinner conversations about this. With active teens its hard for them to understand why they can't go to a friend's house or go to the park for a pick-up basketball game now. Our boys invented a new game, trashketball in the backyard!

My suggestion is to do whatever works for your family. I have a family of six, my husband and I have a blended family with four teenagers. Last week, my husband and I were both at work and I was checking in with the kids throughout the day. Their typical day was spent sleeping until noon or later, playing video games, watching youtube, making tik tok videos, and being nagged by me to check google classroom. They started to get creative in the kitchen, making bacon, ramen noodles, with tortillas.. The next day I made sure to text a list of chores do to around the house like empty the dishwasher and load the dishwasher! This week I am working from home, so we will try to stay to somewhat of a schedule from here on out. We make sure we move each day, we do things to engage our brains, and try to enjoy each other as much as we can.

Despite these challenging times we are living through, I am confident that we have the potential to come out of this stronger than ever as a community. I wish you good health and happiness throughout this difficult time.

In closing, I can say with confidence that our entire staff misses your children and their smiling faces. We can't wait until we return to school and be together again.


Mrs Gilbert

Communication during closure

Using email is the best way to contact school staff during this closure.

Continuity of Food Services

Starting on Tuesday, March 17, through Friday, April 3, the Huron School District will provide food service meals (breakfast and lunch) to ALL students in the District, 18 years of age and under, special education students 26 years and under, FREE of charge and regardless of students’ Free & Reduced Meal Status.

The Huron School District will be distributing meals from the High School Circle Drive via drive-thru pick-up service. One person may pick up meals for multiple students, and pick up is available two days per week using the following schedule.

Huron High School Site Pick-up:

Tuesdays and Fridays: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Huron High School Circle Driveway (map shown below)

A week’s worth of USDA reimbursable meals will be available for each child, each week. There is no requirement to “sign-up” or “register” for any program in order to be eligible for free student meals.

Other food pick-up sites can be found at:

Michigan Department of Education Press Release 3-23-2020

In a press release this morning from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) stated the following:

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) received preliminary

approval over the weekend from the U.S. Department of Education to waive a

number of federal requirements for statewide student testing and school


“We are pleased that the U.S. Department of Education heard our call to waive the

federal requirement for statewide student testing,” Dr. Rice said. “We now need

the Michigan legislature to amend state law that requires statewide testing and


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