Monday Morning Message

Carlisle Elementary School

April 20

Upcoming Events:

4/21 Chess Tournament (3-6 grade G.A.T.E. students)

4/22 6th -Girls Basketball meeting w/Coach Buffalo (office will call students down) 2:30 pm

4/23 Talent Show 6:30 pm

4/27 3rd 9 weeks behavior incentive - Mad Scientist visit

4/29 Travs game for K, 1 and 5, 6

4/30-5/1 PARCC 5th and 6th

4/30 Freedom Fest 4th grade

5/4-5 PARCC 3rd and 4th

Start With Why Video and TodaysMeet

The conversation on TodaysMeet about the video Start With Why has been amazing. Thanks to all that have been involved in the conversation. Those of you who have yet to comment have until Monday morning at 10:30 to do so. At this time the room will be closed to comments. This is an important piece to us building our vision and mission and participation is expected. The room closes Monday at 10:30 am. Once the room closes I will send you a transcript of the conversation. POWERFUL conversation about our WHY!


Use the hashtag above to celebrate this amazing Monday! Follow the hashtag to see what other schools are doing today!

Spring Fever ....

To Combat Spring Fever With Students

1. Revisit procedures. Take some time this week to review and practice your class procedures with students. Be sure to include procedures for cafeteria, playground, and activity classes.

2. Be consistent and follow through. This one is easy to say, but sometimes hard to do. However, it's the most important thing you can do to keep your class in check. I know it's tiring and sometimes you just want to let things slide, but you can't. When you let things go, it's a slippery slope to chaos!

3. Call parents. You have done such a wonderful job with contacting parents this year, and I know that our decrease in discipline this year is in large part due to your efforts. However, this is the time of the year where we think "Do I have to call them one more time?" The answer is yes, because they want to know what's going on and can help. Don't hesitate to give them a call when you notice a problem. Also, don't hesitate to call when you see progress.I know it takes time, but just try it. It will leave a smile on your face.

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To Combat Spring Fever with Yourself

1. Remember why you do this job. Sometimes we lose sight of why we're doing this, so focus on the successes this year. Think about how far you have brought your students!

2. Support your team. There's a reason why we work as a team at CES, and it's because we all need each other. We are stronger when we have others to support us, and we all need it. There are days when we are feeling great, and days when we're struggling. You know your team members and how best to support them. I'm overwhelmed by the support you've provided to each other from the visits and meals when a loved one has been lost, to the sub plans you provide on a moment's notice, to the testing many of you have stepped in and given for others when called upon. I can't think of one time this year when a CES team member said "No, I can't do that," when asked to help. When we support each other, we all go farther and accomplish more.

3. Be consistent and follow through. This especially applies to when you are on duty in the cafeteria, the gym, the bus room and at recess. Remember to follow our school-wide procedures, to be attentive, and to deal with issues that happen. When on recess duty, please monitor by walking the playground and keeping an eye out at all times.

4. Think about the possibilities. Even though things get a little crazy, this is my favorite time of year in school. The reason for that is because I get so excited when I start thinking about the possibilities for next year. I have so many ideas and I love improving on what we've done in the past. Start thinking about things you'd like to improve. The sky is the limit and now is a good time to start thinking about next year's launch!

5. Find a reason to laugh....a lot...everyday! Laughter is good for the soul and makes us all feel better.

If you can't get the video below to play, go to in your browser and cut and past this link into the URL bar.
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