Facts about smoking .

Do you want healthy or bad lungs?

Why you shouldn't

Smoking is a bad habit. Have you ever been to a party, and felt peer pressure to smoke? For example, your friends pass you a cigarette and they say, “It’s your turn.” Think about what you would do. Think about the effects. Saying no to cigarettes would be your best choice because they are bad for the heart and lungs, they’re addictive, and smokers are generally bad athletes.

bad for heart and lungs

The first reason you shouldn’t smoke is because it’s bad for your heart and lungs. Both smoking and being around cigarette smoke can damage your heart and lungs. This could cause lung cancer, and many various types of cancer. Also you can’t do every day activities like running or walking for very long. “Chemicals in the smoke pass through the linings of the nose, mouth, throat, and lungs.” P. 14.

Its addictive!

The second reason you shouldn’t smoke is it’s very addictive. There is nicotine in cigarettes. In the nicotine it produces chemical changes, the chemical changes makes your brain want more. Nicotine acts like one of its own brain signal chemicals when it doesn’t have it, it makes people grumpy. “If they don’t get it they feel miserable.” BECAUSE IT’S SO ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Bad athletes

The last reason you shouldn’t smoke is because smokers are bad athletes. Smoking has a serious affect on ability. “So can you imagine what happens to an athlete who smokes?” p.25. But instead of bringing in more oxygen, the blood carries less oxygen because of the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. So, athletes who smoke cannot get enough oxygen to produce the energy their bodies need to move.


Why do people smoke? I mean everybody does it! By the age of thirteen 56 percent of American kids have tried smoking. By the age of seventeen 77 percent of American teenagers have tried to smoke. Most kids light up a cigarette after school or at a party. In conclusion, studies show that you need to say NO to cigarette smoking in order to live a long healthy life.