Andrew Jackson : ) >:(

Andrew Jackson A Hero Or Is He Sub Zero

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

this political cartoon shows Jackson as a king cause he acted like a king. Andrew Jackson did not follow the rules and vetoed many laws. Andrew Jackson basically did whatever he wanted to.

Trail of Tears

The people of Georgia find gold so they decide to kick the Native Americans out. Now all the Native Americans have to leave Georgia and set out to Oklahoma. This is known as the Trail of Tears many Native Americans died over the trip over 1/4 of them died.

Killing The National Bank

Andrew Jackson disliked the National Bank so he wanted to get rid of it. follow through with his decision on taking away the National Bank.This caused many problems in the economy. to many big loans went out to the public.

Spoils System

The soil system is to where the president can give anyone a job. this is bad because the president can give anyone a job even if they're Inexperienced.Andrew Jackson did this because he wanted people who he liked.

Native american letter

Dear Andrew Jackson

We have really disliked what you have done lately. you have not been enforcing the law that you have to enforce. you are not being constitutional and we do not like that. we wish to move back to Georgia and I live in Oklahoma anymore. we also want some money for all the people you killed on our long journey on the trail of tears.

sincerely the Native Americans

Avarage people letter

dear Andrew Jackson

We love what you have been doing lately. We are so lucky to have you as a president. you grew up just like us. not like all the other presidents who were all rich. you have the best ideas in a country. thank you for being our president.

Sincerely civilians of the United States