followers are called Muslims

ALL about Islam

Followers about Islam are called Muslims. The day of Sabbath for Muslims is Friday, the reason it is Friday is because Friday is the seventh day of the Hebrew calendar . Muslims also have six major beliefs: 1.belief in Allah 2.belief in angels 3.belief in the holy books 4.belief in the prophets 5.belief in the day of judgement 6.belief in predestination. There are five pillars of faith for Muslims 1. Shahada- public declaration of faith. 2. Salat-prayer 3. Zakat-giving to the needy 4. Siyam-fasting during Ramadan 5.Hajj-the pilgrimage to makkah. Their place of worship is mosques, but they don't only worship in mosques,but anywhere.The worship leaders are called Imams and Mullahs, imans are prayer leaders and mullahs are the teachers of islam.The holy book for Muslims is Qu'ran. Some holidays for Muslims are Ramadan (celebrates Allah giving Muhammad message) there is also Eid al fitr (celebrates end of Ramadan;gifts,food,family,thanks.).A very holy cite for Muslims is Jerusalem, because the dome of the rock is located there.

Religious Figure

Besides god Abraham is common to all three of the religions. The view that there is only one god is a common view about god between all three religions.