The East Side

December 2020

Traditional School or Virtual School?

With the first semester coming to an end, you have the option of continuing with or changing your child's mode of instruction for the second semester. Whichever you choose, you will be committed to that mode of instruction for the reminder of the school year.

For those in the CIA Virtual School, you may continue with that mode of instruction or you may transfer to traditional on-campus instruction. CIA parents who have not already done so, please contact CIA Administrator Mrs. Aimee Bates to inform her of your decision. She can be contacted via email at

For those enrolled in traditional on-campus instruction, you may continue with that mode of instruction or you may transfer to the Cullman Innovation Academy Virtual School. Traditional school parents who wish to transfer their child to the CIA must contact Mr. Wiggins to inform him of your decision. Send your intention to transfer to

Please inform Mrs. Bates or Mr. Wiggins of your decision by Friday, December 11. The timeline is critical so that we can appropriately dedicate personnel and resources. Again, once you have made your decision for traditional school or virtual school, you are committed for the remainder of the school year.


In observance of Christmas and New Year, CCS will be closed December 21 - January 4. Students will return to school on Tuesday, January 5.