Flipped Faculty Meeting

HFE Faculty Meeting With A Twist

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Instructions For The Flipped Faculty Meeting

Here is the 3rd edition of the HFE FFM. You will need to follow the steps below to be prepared for our faculty meeting on the 7th:

  1. View the video that is posted in this flyer
  2. Develop any questions you have or any clarifications you may need and bring them with you to our meeting
  3. Meet in the cafeteria on 4/7 @ 4pm and sign in
  4. Don't forget to bring your Toy Box Leadership book
Final FFM #3
Jot it Down

Here is a note page you can use to jot down your thoughts or questions, while going through this month's faculty meeting information.

Teach for Texas

The button below will bring you to the Teach for Texas website that houses all of the T-TESS information and resources. The resources here will help you familiarize yourself with the overall T-TESS process, the 4 T-TESS domains, the rubric, and the pre & post conference formats.

Breaking Your Rock of Resistance!

"A river cuts through a rock not because of its strength, but because of its persistence."

We all have "rocks of resistance" in life that can feel like they're weighing us down and somehow seem to get in our way trying to hinder our successes. However, just like the river is able to cut through a rock with its persistence, we too, can cut through our "rocks" and turn them into the stepping stones of our successes.

Think about what "rocks" may currently be weighing you down and keeping you from maximizing your success as an educator, team mate, mother, sister, friend, etc. In thinking about your "rocks", select one that you would like to overcome through persistence, so that it's no longer a hindrance, but a stepping stone to your ultimate success! Please label your resistance rock and be prepared to share with the team at Thursday's meeting. Through sharing our "rocks", ultimately we create an understanding of each other's vulnerabilities and are then able to support one another as we overcome!


The strength of the river is mighty and its persistence in wearing away the rock in its path, is undeterred. Whatever the rock may be that lies as a nuisance on your path--meet it, wear it down, and break it!