7th Grade ACTS Newsletter

February 1-5, 2016

Message for all 7th grade NYC participants- from this point on requests to change rooming or busing for parents or students will not be honored unless it is a dire emergency.

Science - Mrs. Sexton

Students will have a test on Tuesday that covers cells, heredity, and gentics. They were given a study guide on Thursday to begin studying an preparing for this assessment. We will review the scientific method and technological design for the rest of the week. We will begin our study of the human body systems and diseases the week of February 8th.

Science- Mrs. Griffin

The students will continue working with Cells and Heredity Unit with a focus on introducing genetics. There will be a Cells 2 Test on Friday, February 5th.

I have started a new page on my webpage called " 7 Assignments" to list needed information.

THANKS to everyone who participated in the fundraiser. We truly appreciate your support and assistance!

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students have a vocabulary test on Monday on geometric terms in chapter 9. A nearpod is posted to their google classroom with a slide for each vocabulary word and a picture describing it. We have been in the computer lab all week exploring geometric concepts with the Geometer's Sketchpad.

The actual vocabulary test is also posted to google classroom.
Remember a Tenmarks assignment is due every week for a homework grade and extra credit on quizzes and tests. We will start chapter 10 on Tuesday.

ELA - Mrs. Templeton

This week the students will continue reading the novel Hiroshima. They have a schedule of what to read each day, and we will be discussing it in class. They have finished their in class group research projects. They look really good.

New stems are posted on google classroom as well as their weekly article. The articles are creating really great discussion in class. Our students passions are really showing. Both will be due next Thursday.

ELA & Social Studies - Mrs. Owensby

7th Grade SS

Students will take their test on WWI on Tuesday. We will begin a unit on the Great Depression.

7th Grade ELA

Students will have a stems quiz on Tuesday. We will continue our study on informational text and informational writing. Students will do a presentation from their book club.

Social Studies - Mrs. Babb

We will have a busy classroom this week! Students are completing and presenting World War I group projects and reviewing for a test. They should review essential vocabulary, maps, causes of the war (graphic organizer), events leading the United States to enter the war(foldable organizer), and the armistice signed by Germany.

Study questions are posted in Google Classroom, and we will answer them together in class. Some questions will be assigned for homework.Please encourage your child to study these questions as we complete them.The test is later this week.

Last Thursday, both classes enjoyed a visit from Jennifer Lopes (Lisbon's mom) who visited Cuba in November, and she shared an engaging powerpoint on the people and their way of life living under a Communist government.

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

7th Grade Drama Rotation concluded their theatre history unit with a test and will be watching the genre changing musical Oklahoma! in the upcoming classes. We will then begin reading Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream together as a class.

7th Grade Drama Focus are continuing to work with pieces for competition. So far, students have presented an original monologue, 2 contrasting published monologues, and a poetry interpretation or original story. In our final week of competition preparation, students will select any category to prepare to present on Friday, February 5. More information will be coming soon to students competing in SCSTA on February 6.

Art - Mr. Winchester

7th grade will continue to work on and complete their still-life studies. We should complete these this week and be ready to move on to our next project very soon. Thanks for all who attended and made our Caffe 312 showcase a great time!

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th Dance Rotation- We have begun our dance for the March performance. Costume letters coming soon, I'll give you a hint....think walking dead. Please encourage your child to bring Chromebook fully charged to class and check google classroom daily. We have assignments daily on the Chromebooks.

7th dance focus: We began our second dance for the March performance, "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder. Attendance is so very important as we will use every day to learn new choreography or polish existing choreography. Costume letters were sent out January 12th money is due January 29th. Please encourage your child to bring Chromebook fully charged to class and check google classroom daily. We have assignments daily on the Chromebooks.