Out of the Dust

Karen Hesse

In the year of 1934, there was a girl named Billy Joe. In this book she tells her story about her family and neighbors versing nature, (the dust). The family's that live here did not have much money to build many good things. Billy Joe did have a piano, she was a really good piano player and her hobby was playing the piano, Her mother was also a good piano player and helped her also. When ever the dust blows, which was all the time, the dust got through all the walls and got all over the things they do have. The people that live there try to farm, but the winds and dust always blow away their crops and soil. She had a mom that always helped her and pushed her in school. Her mom got pregnant with another baby. When the mom was giving birth she died, and everyone was sad. After her mom died Billy Joe never wanted to touch a piano or see a piano ever again. Billy Joe's dad was someone who drank a lot. All of the time her dad would go to the bar and use a lot of the little money they did have to get drinks.
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