Communication Chronicle 1-29-16


Important News

  1. The 2015-2016 School Calendar has been revised! Click on the link to view. The last day of school is now June 20, 2016.
  2. No School on February 12 nor the 15th. We have a LONG weekend! Enjoy the break!
  3. Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up on February 17th and 18th! All teachers are to report back for this event on February 18th (excluding teachers from the autism program who are required to attend the Poster Presentation event). Teacher Assistants are not required to attend the evening event on February 18th.
  4. Teachers: SGO mid year check form due to your Supervisor on February 11th.
  5. A Nutrition and Feeding Guideline and Policy was established in June 2015. This new protocol is in place to identify students with feeding needs and issues. If you have students with this type of need please inform your designated contact. Elem: Deb Jackson, MS: Jennifer Bergman, HS: Deb Milliken.
  6. The DEAC committee will be sending out a survey soon in order to narrow down the choices for professional development for next year.

IEP Time!

  • The Child Study Team is continuing to complete the IEP schedule which will be available shortly to everyone.
  • Each campus is conducting a training on IEP Direct for teachers. These trainings will be occurring on each campus. Elem: Feb 1st and Feb 2nd at 2pm MS: Feb 3rd at 2:15pm HS: Feb 2 at 2:15pm
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Teacher Tips!

  1. This website has great ideas for lessons, bulletin boards, activities, and how to teach functional skills as well. Check it out! I hope you find some great ideas to use in your classrooms!
  2. If you are looking for resources to teach students with Special Needs then check this out! This a resource page that provides many tools for to explore.

Quote of the Week

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Reminders from Last Week!

  1. The Annual Joe Corbi's Gourmet Pizza & More fundraiser orders are due on February 3rd!
  2. Tutorials: When you log onto the BCSSSD website and sign in you are able to access under Staff Resources tutorials. Check it out. We would like to continue to add to this library so, if you have ideas please bring them to your team leaders to communicate to your supervisors.
  3. UPDATE: The Prom will be held on May 13th. The location will be "A touch Of Class" in Delran from 7pm-11pm. Ticket sales will start February 22nd. There will be letters sent home on February 18th . 9th grade-transition are welcome to attend.
  4. There will be sub nurses in our school in and out to assist with nursing coverage.
  5. Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Assessments- Training dates will need to be set up in the near future (end of February possible, early March) for those teachers giving the DLM.
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January Birthdays!!

  • Thomas Cook 1/5
  • Heather Craw 1/10
  • Marita Cibrian 1/30
  • Marlane Demara 1/24
  • Robert Edelschein 1/24
  • Phyllis Edmonds 1/2
  • Janis Flanagan 1/31
  • Roni Gallo 1/3
  • Thomas Kurtz III 1/30
  • Lauren Langan 1/19
  • Laura Lecompt-Yankston 1/12
  • David Lovett 1/3
  • Rita Lyman 1/8
  • Sara Marcincak 1/14
  • Janeth Guenther 1/17
  • Jennifer Higgs 1/6
  • Deborah Jabkowski 1/18
  • Kim Jackson 1/12
  • Jonathan Miller 1/6
  • Cindy Mollica 1/13
  • Elizabeth Parker 1/31
  • Eileen Price 1/24
  • Deborah Roggio 1/9
  • Renee Shivers 1/22
  • Ryan Southerland 1/12
  • Diana Stewart 1/26
  • Megan Strittmatter 1/4
  • Suzanne Voelker 1/22
  • Katarzyna Zawadzki 1/7