Hard Math Test Tournament

St.Maarten 2017-2018

About The Tests

The Hard Math Tests consist of each five difficult math problems, each with a time limit. This totals 25 questions on all of the tests. Each person participating in the tournament will take the test with a sheet of paper and a pencil. CALCULATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED! On the sheet of paper that they are given, there will be 5 boxes for them to put their answers in. The only thing that will be graded is what is in those boxes. If their answer does not match the correct answer exactly, then it is wrong. For example, if a fraction is not simplified, the whole question is counted wrong. At the end of all five tests, they will total the number of questions that they got right. Whoever got the most question right wins!

To Take The Tests

If you would like to take the five tests in St.Maarten, click here. Only five people are allowed to participate, so hurry up and claim your spot!

What to Know

Before you take the tests, you need to be prepared. Click here to see the things that I recommend looking over before taking the tests.

Practice Tests

If you would like some practice tests, click on the links below. They are in the same format as the actual tests, and are just like the actual tests. The questions on these practice tests are not as good in my opinion as the ones on the tests. Some of them are a bit weird, and I did make them over a year ago. If you come to one that you think is weird, just skip over it, or take it as a challenge.

Hard Math Answer Document

The Hard Math Answer Document is where you will write your answers on test day. The document has 5 boxes, one for each question. If you do not write your answer in the box, your answer will not count.


  • You are not allowed to get any help except for understanding the directions
  • All tests are timed around 25 minutes, so you have about 5 minutes per question
  • Your answer has to be exactly right, so make sure you simplify your answer and that you give what the question is asking you to give
  • You will take your test in a private room where it will be very quiet
  • If you do not write your answers in the boxes provided, your answers are counted wrong

Recommended Age

These tests are recommended for ages 8-15. Some of the questions have algebra in them and are pretty complicated, which is why no one below the age of 8 can participate. Also, just because someone is younger does not mean that they get extra time. Everyone who enters has the same opportunity, no matter what age they are.


If you have any questions, email Ilan at ifalcon123@gmail.com