Wayne Gretzky

Biography Research Project

Early life

  • Scored his first goal when he was 6
  • Had a backyard rink and skated every day
  • Born on January 26, 1961, Brantford Ontario, Canada
  • Played in leagues that catered to older boys
  • At 15 played for the Ontario Hockey Association
  • Played in the World Junior Championship and led the tournament

Later Years

  • Not long after retiring he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • He managed the Phoenix Coyotes in 2001 and was the head coaches for several seasons
  • In 2009 stepped down as coach and relinquished ownership of the team

NHL Success

  • Signed with the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA but was sold to the Edmonton Oilers
  • In the fall of 1979 Gretzky had his first full NHL season
  • He quickly started to dominate the competition, he had 51 goals and 86 assists in 1981
  • He lead the Edmonton Oilers to the championship in 84 85 87 and 88
  • In 1986 he had 52 goals and a single season record of 163 assists
  • He was nicknamed "The Great One" by fans
  • Had toys made after him


Gretzky didn't attend collage instead he played in the NHL