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January 20, 2021

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Mr. B's Corner

Lighthouse Families,

Tomorrow morning, we change to a new learning model as we welcome many Lighthouse Elementary learners back into our building. At the same time, many of our learners will continue to learn from home. This new learning model will look much like it did in the fall for our elementary learners, but this time, elementary learners who have chosen to come to school will be welcomed each day of the week. Your facilitators have been working to ensure that both those learners in the building and those learners at home will continue to receive the support they need to be successful and safe.

Although case rates in Minnesota continue to improve as can be seen on our SLP Covid-19 Dashboard, we will continue to work diligently to uphold safety measures:

  • Masks will be worn by all in the building.
  • Adults will wear face-shields as well.
  • Handwashing at arrival and during transitions.
  • 6 feet of Social Distancing will continue to be enforced in our spaces.
  • Assigned Seating: Students will be assigned seats and need to ask permission to move.

District leaders continue to meet with the regional support team to determine when we may be able to move to a less restrictive learning model for our secondary students as well. State guidance continues to adhere to a secondary threshold of below 30 cases/10,000 residents before we can switch to a new learning model for secondary students. We are hopeful that Minnesota, Anoka County, and Spring Lake Park Schools will continue on our downward trend with a possible secondary transition in February.

As always, thanks for entrusting your child(ren) to Lighthouse School for Gifted and Insatiable Learners,


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Pick up and drop off (arrival/dismissal) reminder

  • Families can drop their child off at 7:55 a.m. at the beginning of the school day. Please do not drop your child off earlier than 7:55 a.m. as there will be no supervision.
  • Families will still be encouraged to call-in pick-up their child at the end of the school day. The pick-up number to call after 2:30 p.m. is 763-600-5245.

Daily Health Self-Screening

Staff, students, parents and visitors of Spring Lake Park Schools must self-screen for symptoms at home daily before coming to school (also called passive screening) using the Daily Health Self-Screening Checklist. If a person is sick or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, they MAY NOT come to school.

Procedures for Close Contact, Illness and Notification Fact Sheet

We are following guidance provided by the Minnesota Department of Health to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our schools and programs. We work directly with MDH on any potential close contacts and positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 and follow their direction for contact tracing, notification and other critical actions. The Procedures for Close Contact, Illness and Notification Fact Sheet defines the specifics and explains the process for our schools in more detail.

Attendance and Health Line Reminders

  1. Parents are asked to call the attendance line at their child's school, 763-600-5209, to report a student absence when a student is unable to attend school in person
  2. Parents are asked to call the health line at their child's school,763-600-5209 and press 1, to report COVID-19 positive cases

iPads will go between school and home each day

As your child returns to school, please note that their school-issued iPad should go with them to school in each morning and home with them each evening. iPads will not be left at school at the end of the school day or over the weekend.

New Daily Schedule

We have received numerous communications from parents sharing that the morning work block, especially with restricted movement during the pandemic, has felt too long for our youngest learners. We agree!

We are going to test having a break in the middle of the big morning work block to see if this helps students maintain focus and enjoy their learning more. Additionally, despite the current restrictions, students continue to be allowed to ask for permission to get up for a small movement break any time and we encourage them to do so.

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Wednesday Art, Music, and PE Schedule

To accommodate this new learning model, there have been small tweaks to the art, music, and physical education schedules.

Art Classes

  • 7-8 Art at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays
  • 5-6 Art at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays
  • 1-4 Art at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays

Music Classes

  • 5-6 Music at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesdays
  • 1-4 Music at 12 p.m. on Wednesdays
  • Songwriting at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday
  • Guitar lessons will continue to be scheduled 1:1 throughout the week with Mr. Cheesebrow

PE/Health Classes

  • PE will continue to be held online with check-ins with Ms. Hunt as needed.
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Make sure your child's immunization records are up-to-date by February 1

All students in Spring Lake Park Schools, both in-person and extended flexible learning (distance), must comply with Minnesota Immunization Laws. All immunizations need to be up-to-date by Monday, February 1. Students who are not up-to-date on immunizations by Monday, February 1 will not be able to come to school. Minnesota School Immunization Laws require ALL students enrolled in school to be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, hepatitis B, ​meningitis and varicella.

The only exceptions are:

  1. A student has had the chickenpox virus
  2. Medical exemption ​with paperwork from your provider
  3. Conscientious exemption ​with notarized exemption form

If you believe your child's records need to be updated with proof of immunizations, please bring or send these to your school nurse or call for verification. Learn more about immunizations at SLP and find a downloadable immunization form.

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Collect pennies and food donations for Panther Challenge #1

Panther Challenge #1 is in full swing with the 'Pennies for Packs' and Community Food Drive challenge. Grab your spare change and food donations and be ready to drop off the items on collections days, January 26-27. Collection sites include the front office at each school and the District Services Center (DSC).

As you collect pennies and food donations for Panther Challenges, we want to see your efforts. Email your photos and videos to All submissions you share will be entered into a drawing for prizes!

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We started the week with some good news. On Monday, Spring Lake Park Schools received notification from the state about our first doses of COVID-19 vaccine for school staff. We were allocated 13 doses (about 1.5% of staff) for this first round of vaccinations which will begin this week. We are prioritizing vaccinations for those at highest risk following guidance from the state. While state supply is limited and our first allocation is small, this is an encouraging step forward in this pandemic year.
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Community Education is excited to offer a variety of virtual programs for adults and children in the community this winter. From Instant Pot, fitness and internet safety programs for adults to coding, acting and craft programs for children, there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy!

Visit the website to view all programs and sign up or call Community Education at 763-600-5050.

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In case you missed important information from last week's newsletter, check out the topics below and click to learn more .

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